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  • Augustine and the Unspeakable Truth [A Story Quiz]
    [published: Aug 23, 2018]

    Augustine hasn't seen Lucy Losette since his assumed death five years ago. So…

  • What Magic Type Do You Control?
    [published: Aug 15, 2018]

    You wake up in an unfamiliar cave. Why are you here? What will become of you? Somehow, a series…

  • ~Shout Out Quiz!~
    [published: Apr 24, 2016]

    Hai guys! I've been through a lot lately, and those of you in this quiz have always been there for me, even…

  • Welcome!
    [published: Feb 12, 2016]

    Hai! You guys mean the world to me. No joke. I love sharing my writing on QoToQuiz, because I love to write in general.…

  • .:Warriors:. A Beginning
    [published: Feb 12, 2016]

    In this warriors journey, you get to meet the four clans of my Fan Fiction, NightClan, SunClan,…

  • Warrior Love P1
    [published: Feb 6, 2016]

    Who loves Warriors? I do! I love Warriors so much, I decided to make an awesome Story Quiz about life in the…

  • A Black Heart ~Part 2~
    [published: Jan 23, 2016]

    Once again, I have made an amazing quiz! Trust me, It'll be good. Oh, no prologue this time, Sorry! I…

  • Which Glitter Force Charecter Are You?
    [published: Jan 3, 2016]

    There are lots of Glitter Force fans out there, but do you ever wonder who you would be if…

  • Do You Deserve To Be Bullied?
    [published: Dec 31, 2015]

    Do you deserve to be bullied? I hope not! Bullies beware! This is totally going to rat you out. PS:…

Isabel Star's Recent Posts

  • The Mad House
    "“S-sorry…” Jade said, even though none of that was aimed at him. He still felt bad that he had gotten it wrong. Carefully, he snapped the ru"
  • U.A. Plus Ultra
    "Name: Kastuhira Enjito Age: 17 Height: 5'6" Weight: 142 lbs Quirk: Absorb Alignment: Secret villain ooooooo sp"
  • U.A. Plus Ultra
    "Kouri saw the arena trap and mentally cursed. He didn't want to be caught up with that thing, especially considering his quirk was a bit wor..."
  • Isabel
    "Janus took his hand, giving a single shake before recoiling."N-nice to meet you, Warren! How are you liking the place?" He asked, as he smil..."
  • The Mad House
    ""I doubt you can sing." Jade mumbled, barely audible but still wanting to participate. He, too, wanted to gain the trust of the others. Even..."
  • The Mad House
    "it's fine don't worry we can roll with it))"
  • The Mad House
    "yeah lmao that's what i said))"
  • Tales of Albion
  • The Mad House
    "Jade heard his name and snapped the rubber band instinctively. Which is why he was glad when Midnight went first, and attention was drawn aw..."
  • The Mad House
    ""I'd be down for two truths and a lie." Jade said quietly, sitting down on the floor with his legs tucked under him."
  • Isabel
    "Janus opened the door to his apartment, and gave a little squeak of surprise when he saw Warren. "Oh! I thought you weren't coming until lat..."
  • Asylum
    "Lillian sat on her bed, listening to Alex and Rita fight with each other. "Can you to stop it?' She cried, out loud. Since Lillian doesn't l..."
  • Isabel
    "Name: Janus Age: 22 Appearance: "
  • The Mad House
    ""G-guys, don't fight like that!" Jade cried, fiddling with the hairband before giving it a light snap against his skin. "Th-there's no need ..."
  • The Mad House
    "Jade slowly stood up. While he would never say it out loud, he did kind of agree with Pearl. But what made it his right to judge others? "Th..."

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