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  • My heart beats for you
    "Markus snickered quietly at Spot. “Yes, tea would be nice, thank you.” He said to Ember, surprisingly passive."
  • "Kastu barely realized the other students had arrived, much less the teacher, and he continued to draw."
  • A heart of stone.
    "Entropy’s snakes hissed furiously and she took a few steps back. “What- who-“ she grabbed Andela and pulled her away from the stranger, fear"
  • "No no thanks for handling this Runner I think you might have to leave. Puppet and I have made clear the expectations and rules "
  • "Michael finally woke, having been trapped in a not-so-pleasant dream. He took a few deep, shaky breaths. “Ugh, what time is it?” He wondered"
  • Sin city.
    "Name: Cooper Age: 32 Species: Living Doll Gender: Nonbinary Sexuality: Pansexual Sin *: Sin of Lust Summ"
  • Sin city.
    "Sorry for being gone for so long! I’ll make my character now"
  • "“All our old friends, huh! So exciting!” Farrah said, smiling. “It’s really been too long. I started to miss you guys.”"
  • Sin city.
    "oh idk but if we’re doing sorta SDS based that makes it easier for me lmao I’m just gonna make Gowther tbh"
  • Sin city.
  • Sin city.
    "Can you explain the music really quickly?"
  • A heart of stone.
    "Entropy let out a squeak of surprise when she was hugged. “Oh- uh- okay?” she hugged back and blushed like mad."
  • "Lmao no it’s the name of my girlo in Farrah Can’t Be a Hero))"
  • A heart of stone.
    "“You’re amazing.” She mumbled under her breath, taking out what few plates she had."
  • Sin city.
    "Gowther is quaking"

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