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  • Augustine and the Unspeakable Truth [A Story Quiz]
    [published: Aug 23, 2018]

    Augustine hasn't seen Lucy Losette since his assumed death five years ago. So…

  • What Magic Type Do You Control?
    [published: Aug 15, 2018]

    You wake up in an unfamiliar cave. Why are you here? What will become of you? Somehow, a series…

  • ~Shout Out Quiz!~
    [published: Apr 24, 2016]

    Hai guys! I've been through a lot lately, and those of you in this quiz have always been there for me, even…

  • Welcome!
    [published: Feb 12, 2016]

    Hai! You guys mean the world to me. No joke. I love sharing my writing on QoToQuiz, because I love to write in general.…

  • .:Warriors:. A Beginning
    [published: Feb 12, 2016]

    In this warriors journey, you get to meet the four clans of my Fan Fiction, NightClan, SunClan,…

  • Warrior Love P1
    [published: Feb 6, 2016]

    Who loves Warriors? I do! I love Warriors so much, I decided to make an awesome Story Quiz about life in the…

  • A Black Heart ~Part 2~
    [published: Jan 23, 2016]

    Once again, I have made an amazing quiz! Trust me, It'll be good. Oh, no prologue this time, Sorry! I…

  • Which Glitter Force Charecter Are You?
    [published: Jan 3, 2016]

    There are lots of Glitter Force fans out there, but do you ever wonder who you would be if…

  • Do You Deserve To Be Bullied?
    [published: Dec 31, 2015]

    Do you deserve to be bullied? I hope not! Bullies beware! This is totally going to rat you out. PS:…

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  • "“All our old friends, huh! So exciting!” Farrah said, smiling. “It’s really been too long. I started to miss you guys.”"
  • Sin city.
    "oh idk but if we’re doing sorta SDS based that makes it easier for me lmao I’m just gonna make Gowther tbh"
  • Sin city.
  • Sin city.
    "Can you explain the music really quickly?"
  • A heart of stone.
    "Entropy let out a squeak of surprise when she was hugged. “Oh- uh- okay?” she hugged back and blushed like mad."
  • "Lmao no it’s the name of my girlo in Farrah Can’t Be a Hero))"
  • A heart of stone.
    "“You’re amazing.” She mumbled under her breath, taking out what few plates she had."
  • Sin city.
    "Gowther is quaking"
  • My heart beats for you
    "Markus stared at Ellie. “I don’t understand how this could’ve happened...” he mumbled."
  • "Ana??))"
  • Sin city.
    "Nah I’ll be Lust I think"
  • "“Interesting wording.” Farrah said with a chuckle, outstretching a hand for Prism to take. “I heard what happened. Is Lucky okay? And where’"
  • My heart beats for you
    "Markus sat on the couch, his eyes on Ellie as he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “What’s going to happen to us, hm, Spot?” he s"
  • Sin city.
    "i always snAtch your role-plays because they’re good"
  • A heart of stone.
    "lmao)) Entropy returned after only a dozen minutes of being gone. She was surprised to find that Andela had already mostly fini"

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