Augustine and the Unspeakable Truth [A Story Quiz]

Augustine hasn't seen Lucy Losette since his assumed death five years ago. So when fate decides to throw them back together again, on the hunt for a killer(or maybe a cult), some answers that he'd rather be kept hidden are going to spill.

|Prologue/Magical Dictionary| Council of Magic- Don’t mess with at all costs! Little is known about the Council, but they run pretty much everything about magic. Ambrosi - Immortal beings. Usually very rude. Daemons - Demons; but the Council has to be special and use the original. Inutilia - Humans without/with no knowledge of magic. Oh my gods - Common saying in the magic world. The gods can be anything from god of the moon to the goddess of cafe napkins(she’s actually really nice). Magic Underworld - One of the few organizations not controlled by the Council. Dangerous and extremely shady.

Created by: Isabel Star
  1. Lucy Losette(gods, I hate rhyming names)walked into the Quincy Diner on 23rd St. one damp, dark afternoon looking for nothing more than some answers and a shelter from the rain. Instead, she found me. Her auburn hair, green eyes and freckled skin reflected her personality to a tee. Dressed in particularly bright clothes for the recent 18th century fashion, you could see the faint outline of raised scars on her fair skin. Memories came to the surface of my mind like bubbles in a pond, and a quite murky one at that. She was preppy and fearless, with no caution towards anything. And in her line of business, that was dangerous. Extremely dangerous.
  2. “Augustine? Is that you?” She asked, taking off her scarf and coming closer to verify my identity. ‘Good gods, I hope she doesn’t sit down.’She sat down.“I-I can’t believe you’re alive! What have you been doing the last, what, four years?” She asked, stripping her multi-colored coat. For the rainy day in London, she was probably the brightest colored thing out there. I sipped absentmindedly on my tea. Should I tell her the exact date since I washed up on those sandy shores, half dead and delirious?
  3. “Oh, the usual. Trying not to be killed by daemons, trying not to be killed by humans. Drowning my sorrows in alcohol and hot boys. You?” I asked, the air about me heavy. Outwardly I was calm and indifferent as always, but internally I couldn’t be more confused and angry. What was Lucy, a daemon hunter from America, doing in the back alleys of London? I came here specifically so that I wouldn't be found by her. “Searching for you, you twat!” She cried out, still not over the fact that I was alive. I drank more of my tea and silently wished she would leave. I could always magic her to walk out the door and forget she ever saw me…
  4. But it would be too much hassle. And besides, if I cast a spell on a daemon hunter, the Council would be upon me in seconds. And I hear that the Council in London is overly fierce. Not that I stayed in one place long enough to know. “I truly thought you were dead!” She cried, peeling off her gloves and hat. Was she wearing her whole closet today? I never could stand her absolute lack of style.“If you thought I was dead, why were you looking for me?” I asked flatly, my cold blue eyes staring her down. Lucy sputtered out her angry and slurred answer, rubbing her thumb and middle finger together. Which, by now, I knew meant she was going to either start uselessly sputtering out lies, or she was anxious. I put my hand up to stop her before she even began.
  5. “Never mind, better question. What are you doing, drenched in rain, in the back alleys of London? Certainly not looking for me; you can’t trust what anybody says about me and you know it.” I said, changing the subject. Lucy’s eyes went wide, suddenly remembering her reason for being here.. She was another type of being altogether, and in every way a complete opposite of me. “Augustine, you'll absolutely never believe what happened!” She leaned in closer to me from across the booth, her body stretched out on the table. She wasn’t a child, but she definitely acted like one. I remembered the countless times, years ago, where I had to reprimand her as if I was her father. It was immensely tiring and did not make me come across as charming as I would like to. “...and the whole thing exploded!”
  6. It appeared I dialed back into the conversation at the wrong time. My attention was suddenly caught, and I put down my mug to look at Lucy. “I’m sorry, what? Start back at the beginning.” I said, interested. Lucy looked slightly annoyed(in her cute, harmless way), but me actually changing my expression for once seemed to have an impact on her.
  7. “Well, okay. Listen this time! So I was at the Council’s for a renewal of my license, right?” At this she earned a few angry mumbles. Every daemon hunter had to renew their license, which basically just said that you could kill as many daemons as you want and oh! Don’t forget! Feel free to blast magic down the streets of Cuban towns at each other, damaging the goods of certain passers by. Daemon hunters really had only one rule - don’t let humans know. So you can only imagine where dejavu actually comes from. “Shh! Anyway, I’m at the Council’s, when suddenly a daemon is out front and slashing away at a bunch of Inutilia! So obviously I start helping others slay the thing, and then the Council building exploded! Just like that!” She used her hands to show me what an explosion looked like. I was less focused on her shenanigans and more focused on the fact that not only had a daemon broken out onto the streets of sleepy London, but the Council building had exploded. And in my experience, Council buildings don’t just explode whenever they want to.
  8. “And then…?” I asked, yearning to hear the end of the story. Lucy sat back and plopped into the seat. “You must promise not to laugh.” I raised an eyebrow, reminding her that I don’t make promises. She huffed at me and I reminded her she was not a child. “You’re such a spoil. Fine then, I fainted!” She said, irritated even though I had no idea why. But the thought of Lucy, brave and headstrong Lucy, passing out? It was hilarious. So, of course, I laughed. "isn't it your job to deal with situations like that?" I asked, snickering. Her pouting was deliciously adorable, and I sipped on my tea to hide my smile. Putting the mug down, I urged her to continue and that she did.
  9. “When I woke up again, the Council building was completely gone! Or at least, the Council part was. It was the same dilapidated, abandoned building that appeared to Inutilia. It didn’t make any sense! So I started wandering around, looking for another daemon hunter… and I stumbled across you! Which reminds me, how are you alive again-“ “Never mind that.” I said, pulling up a protective barrier around the booth so that they became almost unnoticeable. Having someone interrupt this conversation would be bad news.
  10. “What color was the explosion?” I asked, my black hair shifting around my eyes. Lucy almost flinched, which didn’t make sense, since I was always like this. I guess she had been so used to me not being around, that she forgot how blunt I am. “What?” She asked. I scowled. “Are you deaf? I asked, what color was the explosion.” I said, pushing my tea out of the way and putting my elbows on the table, moving my body closer to Lucy. She leaned back, intimidated. It was uncomforting to know that after all the time we spent together, she feared me.
  11. “Well, now that you mention it, it was some purple color-“ I was glad I put up the barrier, because I stood up and slammed my hands down onto the table loudly. “Are you absolutely certain?” I asked, my voice brittle with tension. Lucy suddenly became lost the anxiety of before and gave me a glare. “Yeah, you twat. Why are you being so weird?” She said, fed up. I didn’t have the time to apologize to her, as I gulped down the last of my tea and put on my coat, the same gray as everything these days. I lowered the shield and rushed out into the stormy weather, Lucy unfortunately following me out. I wanted to try and lose her, and be done with her before we got to our destination. But it didn't turn out that way.
  12. “Where are you going?” She asked as she quickly became soaking wet. I gave her a disapproving look and she rolled her eyes. She didn’t particularly like casting magic that only benefited herself. I, on the other hand, never had a problem with it. Instead of wetting my ensemble and making me cold to the bone, the water rolled off my face and clothes to drip onto the ground. I took a sharp turn and Lucy stumbled after me. For someone so thin and lanky, she had trouble keeping up with my pace. Maybe it was because of how tall I was, maybe it was because of the rain pelting her face. Who knows. “I’m going to the Council building, and then I’m going to check up on a friend.” I said, she put a hand on my shoulder and I stopped to spin and face her. Her green eyes searched mine, but I knew she wouldn’t find anything in them.
  13. “Don’t forget what happened the last time we went to go and see one of your… friends.” She said, hesitant. I pulled away from her grasp, and the sting of the five years we spent apart was apparent. “I’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. Just trust me, Lucy.”“That’s what you always said…”

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