Do You Know Me???

Ummm........a box to talk about things......So...... I literally don't know what to say this is my second quiz hope you like it. I have more characters left so...okay enjoy!!

OH MY FREAKING........ANOTHER BOX! Well this quiz is for you to see just how well you know me. Have fun and i really hope you enjoy it, tell me if you hate int he comments.


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  1. What is my gender?
  2. What is my name?
  3. How old am I?
  4. Am I in school?
  5. What grade am I in?
  6. What is my favorite color?
  7. What is my favorite animal?
  8. What is my favorite mythological animal?
  9. What is my favorite band?
  10. What is my favorite kind of music?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me???