My Made up Sonic Character Love Story.

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I hope you enjoy the quiz. Oh, and these are my made up sonic characters you could fit in your characters in the quiz if you want just put them in the comments.

Please enjoy the made up sonic. Characters hope you enjoy the quality of the quiz. Hope you enjoy the quiz because you should like the quiz please rate and comment on this quiz.

Created by: Francesca Bookless

  1. You wake up and hear a yowl coming from your yard. What could that be? You ask. You look out the Window and see a magenta and White Echinda. It grabs you then you feel a spike of pain.
  2. You wake up in a beautiful room and you See the echinda. You yell at the echinda. It looks sad and it says, I am Spike, Spike the echinda. She said. I am so sorry my friend Lyron knocked you out. Then you see a light gray bat with a solid gold earing stepped in your room. You saw He looked at Spike like he Loves her.
  3. Spike blushed a lot. Then a hot looking Lynx said, I am Lyron and this is Ike. Ike left and said, Fortune is done making breakfast, come on. You guys had a great breakfast, you learned that Ike is from a different dimesion and that Fortune and Spike are from a planet called Miane. Then a ocelot came in and said, I am Areon he said as a hyena grabbed you and knocked you out. The last thing you heard was Lyrons sweet voice.
  4. You wake up and see the hyena he looked at you hotly. You blush. I am Ripper the hyena said as he kissed your hand. He said, I will never let anyone hurt you. Then You saw a volt of lightning strike Ripper. You saw Spike, and Ike. Ike grabbed you and ran back to Fortunes house. Ripper caught up and said, IKE!!!. 
  5. Lyron scratched Ripper in the face and Kissed you on the cheek. Then you noticed that you were a White cat. Wow you said.
  6. You loved two of them but you can't admit it. You still couldn't believe you were a cat. Ripper said, I have changed, why don't you trust me anymore? You fell asleep and woke up in Rippers arm he said. Are you okay?
  7. Ike came in and rang his earing, he said, Lyron is looking for you. Then Lyron said he had something for you. You follow Lyron it turned out he was asking you out for a date you loved the date.
  8. You fell asleep, but you had a nightmare about Spike turning into a vampire and turning evil you wake up and see Fortune looking worried. She said, You were squirming during the night.
  9. I know that your having a dream about Spike becoming a vampire and turning evil. It's true she was a uncontrolled monster but the good inside of her stopped the evil inside of her. Fortune said. Ripper and Lyron came in. Hey, Fortune Ember is back , you know. Ike said. Spike walked in. I am so sorry I didn't know that you would find out i am a vampire. Spike said.
  10. Please rate and comment on this quiz. And CLIFFHANGER!

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