Sonic Romance Story!

This is my first quiz I is about you somehow being knocked out and you have no idea where you are, but you have met some cute sonic boys/girls on the way...

To be or not to be? To love or not to love? Do you like him/her? Take this quiz to figure out how much you REALLY like this sonic character. Enjoy!!!!

Created by: Dragoncoin
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  1. Let's say u r a female (this is romance so...yeah) and you get knocked out in the forest when a red echidna spots u he takes u to his friends for help
  2. Knuckles (u already would have guessed it) has blushed a little when he takes them to his team chaotix (I hope I spelled that right srry some a lot of these questions will have no effect whatsoever) knuckles takes u to a green crocodile and he puts u in a room and waits 4 u 2 wake up
  3. "Ughh where am I??" You groan. "HEY GUYS SHE'S AWAKE!" Vector yelled. It shocked u so much u fell out of bed,"heh opps..."
  4. The rest of the chaotix comes."what u r doing on the floor miss??? Hey u look pretty! :3" the bee flew near you. u slightly smile at the young bee "she probably on the floor cuz SOMEONE had to yell like a lion" a magenta chameleon looks at the croc.
  5. Espio helps u up,"I'm sorry for that"the chameleon blushes slightly,"I'm espio it's nice to meet you" he replies back, the bee notices and smirks,"hi I'm charmy!" "I'm vector sorry for the scare."
  6. -.- ...u stand up to say (ß= means your name) "hi I'm ß" you say seriously. "Cool...." charmy says amazed at ur name he gets eaisly impressed...."hey espio before we settle business (I can't spell :P) go show her around" the croc says, and espio starts nervous for some reason u wonder.....
  7. Some of the answers in most of them don't count it's kind of a mix
  8. "This the chaotix detective agentcy (uhh y can't I spell! -.- I have bad english) we help each other of those in need" he sounded nervous to u, and that blush began to show. U get concern for this chameleon so u....
  9. Uhhhh....this is my first quiz idk if I should continue or not...
  10. Soo.....bye

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