are you mostly sonic or eggman?

"Sonic is a videogame character that was created by sonic team and was publish by sega." Sonic arch enemy is eggman. They faughlt all the way from "1990" threw "2013 and above" now lets see how many people are sonic and, how many people are eggman

"wonder which character are you" Wonder if you are mostly sonic the kind and speedy hedgehog?Wonder if you are eggman? Take this quiz and find out.hope you could make it through this quiz without getting eggman.

Created by: TailsPrower24
  1. how will you feel if someone was making fun of you?
  2. if you saw a man breaking in your neibor house, what will you do?
  3. you are happy when
  4. what is your favorite food?
  5. which of the following best decribes you?
  6. do you want everyone to be perfect?
  7. which of the following do you which you had more of?
  8. which of the following character do you hate?
  9. do you think you got Sonic?
  10. do you think you got Eggman?

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Quiz topic: Am I mostly sonic or eggman?