Will you get your first kiss?

This is a quiz I made about first kisses. At this age most people are anxious for their first kiss, do thay have what it takes? Find out in the results, what you get may suprise you.

I made this quiz by the request of wishes and tears. If you enjoyed this quiz then you will love the series Love!!!! And a couple that I think are off to a pretty good start, Vampire Academy, Letters to the past. And others which are less recent like One Direction Love Story, Percy Jackson Love Story, Paranormal Love and others which I cant mention because there isnt enough space.

Created by: amazon
  1. Before I begin I would like to say that I made this quiz by the request of someone on gotoquiz named wishes and tears. If this isnt very accurate, sorry I tried my best. ( answer Nice. To get this question right)
  2. Do people refer to you as approachable?
  3. Do you have a crush on someone right now?
  4. Do they or someone else like you?
  5. Have you ever gotten close to being kissed before?
  6. Have any guys ever joked about kissing you, wanting to kiss you, hug you, wanting to hug you, even if you took it as a joke?
  7. Have you ever tried to be in a room by yourself or a place alone so someone you like could come and kiss you?
  8. Do you avoid christmas decorations like misletoe?
  9. Second to last question... Do you talk to guys, at least occasionally?
  10. Comment, Rate, and Share. Hope u enjoyed the quiz!

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Quiz topic: Will I get my first kiss?