By My Side part 5

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Disaster after disaster. Trial after trial. Day after day, and your strength is fading fast. How long can you last?

Kiss after kiss, embrace after embrace, you'll never get tired, though, of the way Alex looks deep through your eyes and into your soul.

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. The song for this quiz is 'Will You Take Me As I Am' by Lecrae.
  2. You are half awake, resting in Alex's lap, warm and relaxed. But you know it can't stay that way for long. 'I know,' you think to yourself, 'That the way I'm living is wrong. So if there's a God up there, then take me as I am! I need you!' You think. But your emotions are no longer restrainable. You begin to cry, and Alex puts his strong hand on your hip, and with his other hand he wipes the tears from your face.
  3. You sit up, and face Alex. A lone tear slides down your cheek once more, and again Alex takes his gentle hand and smooths it away. Eyes half closed, you and Alex lean forward. Your lips latch onto his, and you place one hand on his neck and up the back of his hair, and slide the other up and down his back. He puts his hand in your underarm and with the other he wraps around your back. You kiss passionately with some tongue. You move your arm so that your hand is resting against his muscular abs.
  4. Later, you look back up into the sky to realize you are much closer to the sun than you were just an hour ago. A black hole is swelling up and taking the sun's place very rapidly, which you know will soon leave you in total darkness and bitter cold forever.
  5. "We have to find some source of light and warmth," you urge Alex. "Once the sun's gone, well, I just don't know what we're going to do." you quiver uneasily. Alex slides his arm around your back. 'We can make a fire. Capture some fireflies and keep them in a jar." he gives you a comforting, warm, smile. "And I guess we don't have so much choice besides that." you reply, leaning back in Alex's embrace.
  6. So, once the night has silently crept upon you and Alex, you both get up and go firefly hunting. Earlier that afternoon, you had traveled to one of the last few standing villages that had survived the earthquake, and managed to find a suitable glass jar. And now there you are with Alex out in the field, hunting for fireflies. You hear chirps, and every now and then, you see a small glow illuminating the grass. After you catch a firefly, you hastily stick it in the jar with a bit of the plant it was on so it can eat that. You take an old rusted nail from one building by the jar you had and punctured the top so the fireflies could breathe.
  7. "I need some sleep," Alex mutters as he walks to you with his jar full of tiny fireflies. "Me too," you whisper, quite fatigued. You walk arm in arm with Alex to a small spot in a forest surrounded with trees and shrubbery. Alex lays down and sets the jars a couple feet from where you lay so you don't knock them over. Once he lays down, you follow suit and snuggle up close. He puts his arms around your neck like a pillow, and you rest peacefully.
  8. The next morning, you wake up to another dimly lit world. You place your hand on Alex's abs and slowly slide your hand up and down. Suddenly, you hear a resounding growl echo through the land. But this is no animal's growl. It is the thunderous roar from an approaching hurricane. You look up to the dark sky to see menacing clouds advancing fast. You sigh, knowing your doom. You seem to have no energy left within you. Wearily, you wake Alex.
  9. "What," Alex mumbles groggily, his eyes half closed. "A hurricane's coming," you urge. Fatigued, you rub your eyes. "Great," Alex mutters with evident sarcasm. He sat up by you and pulled some of your rations out of his pockets. He passed you some of the dried berries from a few days ago. Knowing that is your only stamina to get you through for a while, you eat it slowly, and put a few berries back into your own jean pocket. "Let's go," Alex stood up and reached his hand for you. You took it and let him pull you up. You both begin walking in the direction away from the approaching storm, in hope of finding shelter from your dire circumstances.
  10. I would appreciate feedback in comments :)

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