By My Side part 3

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Here is the next part to By My Side. Alex and you are on the run from all civilation- but also now from natural and unnatural disasters. Can you survive?

Enjoy this thrilling romantic acopalypse series as we see the end of the world take place. Acopalypse disasters based on the Bible, the basis is on the seven bowls from the angels in Revelation and more. For teenagers 12+

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. Recap: Alex wraps his arms around you as he kisses you. You can't get enough- but finally, you part, with dreamy eyes.
  2. "Alex, you saved my life," you whisper. "I couldn't live without you. Not just because you're the only sane person left, but because I love you." You blush. "When did you start?" you ask. "When I saw you at church that day. You were so beautiful." he smiles. "I've loved you for over a year," you tell him. "Really?" Alex replies, shocked. "I would have never known." Alex stands by your side and puts his arm around your waist and begins walking with you through the forest.
  3. "No matter what happens in this acopalypse, know I'm here for you. If the world stops turning, I'll be your gravity. If the stars stop burning, I'll be your galaxy." ALex tells you.
  4. READERS: please stop RIGHT HERE and you tube 'The Natatorium: Burning Out.' This is the song I give credit to for Alex's last lines. I BEG YOU to look it up its such a cool song but just read the rest of the story while you listen (the music video is pretty wacky. :p )
  5. You and Alex walk a bit further. You reach cliffs of rock jutting out from the earth. Alex begins to climb some, so you follow suit. Soon you are sitting safely on the rocks, which overlook the sea. Some of it is still clear, but red is drifting in quickly.
  6. You were both sitting on the rocks for no more than five minutes when you felt the rocks shake. You gasp, and grip onto the edge of a rock tightly. "What was that," you ask Alex after the rocks stopped quivering. "I don't know. It could've been a slight earthquake." "An earthquake?!" you exclaim. Alex is about to respond when the rocks begin to tremble again, but more violently with each passing moment. Soon, the stones are tipping so bad that you are beginning to slide vertically. "ALEX!" you cry out as you hold on desperatly. On the opposite side of the rock, Alex is hanging on for dear life as well. "WE'VE GOT TO GET OFF THESE ROCKS!" he shouts. Once you are relatively stable, you slide off the rock you are on and onto the next, trying not to crash your head. You bruise your arm as you break your fall. "Ow!" you yell as you scarpe up against the rock, which begins to fall over flat onto the ground. If it falls over, you will be killed underneath it. "AAHHH!!!!" you scream as the rock begins to lean over. You frantically attempt to shinny up to the top. Where is Alex?! "ALEX! ALEX!!" you shout again. But you don't hear him reply... where is he?
  7. You are within inches of dying and being flattened by a ton of stone when suddenly the rock stops falling over. You see that Alex has rapidly wedged a small stone between the rock on you and the ground. It is holding the rock's weight momentarily, but is quickly collapsing under pressure. You hear Alex's sweet voice, which you never though you'd hear again. "----! Crawl out, hurry! This rock can't hold it much longer." Alex urges you out, and reaches out his hand to you. You shuffle out of the tiny space and take Alex's hand. He pulls you to your feet, and doesn't let go. You try to steady yourself, for the rocks are still shaking terribly hard. Only seconds after you got out from under the rock, it crashed to the ground. You and Alex hurry off the rocks, which are falling down everywhere. Soon you are back in the woods. In the blink of an eye, cracks ten feet long would split open the earth. Trees fell over, as well as houses which just shattered onto the streets. Flying glass cut your skin and faces, and fence posts clonked you on the head.
  8. That evening, the earthquake has stopped. Nothing is left in one piece. Neither is your heart. Insane people laid dead on the street, and some groaning and bleeding in pain. You were attacked by one, who told you he wanted you to come to his place for dinner, but you know you'd be his only dinner there. Alex knocked him out with his bare hands before he could lay a hand on you. You can't seem to stop sobbing. "Is there anything we can do to stop this mess?" you wonder to yourself. "In all the movies I've ever watched, there's been something the main person had to do to save the world."
  9. That night, when it was dark and cold, you huddled up to Alex who slept next to you. You were both lying near a patch of rubble. You shivered in the cold night air as you kept watch. Soon, you would wake Alex up for his turn to keep watch. If you fell asleep, an evil creature could attack you and bite you in your sleep. Then, you would wake up gross monsters. You blinked, fighting the sleep that lured you. But you would not allow yourself to close your eyes. "Stay strong," you remembered Alex's words. "Fight until the last moment." Yes, you would. You'd fight until you were no longer physically able to. You would use every ounce of your strength before you gave in and let death have its sting. Death. It didn't sound so good. Could what Alex have been saying about Jesus be true? Was there actually a heaven? No. Those were but all silly stories. Any God who cared would not make your life such a disaster. But then, what if the things he said were true? A week ago, you would never have believed in such a terrible end. Or that the virus would turn the world like this, leaving you and your crush in an acopalypse to die. And was Alex really praying for you? Is that what's kept you alive and breathing so far?
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