By My Side part 2

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Hope you like it! Read the first part if you havent. WARNING: this might be a bit violent at parts so girls under eleven I would advise this isn't for you.

Glad I could get the second part out so fast. From now on, I'm making it up, since my dream ended when my mom went evil! Ack well hope you like alex and stuff!

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. Recap: you turn around to see your mother. Terrified at her grotesque appearence, you scream, and tear away from the grasp of her claws. Alex grabs your hand as you two leap away from your mother. In the split second that Alex first grabbed your hand, you thought to yourself, 'He's holding my hand. Could that mean something?' And then, a second later, you were in the air as you leapt away from your transformed mother. Even if you and Alex were the only two people left alive in your right state of mind, you would keep pushing until you... until... until what, you didn't know. You would just keep pushing til the day you died. But if everyone else was insane, what would your goal in life be anymore? You couldn't ever get a job, go to college, get married (no preacher!) or anything.
  2. You and Alex run until you are out of breath. "Alex, what are we going to do?!" you panted, then burst into tears. You covered your face in your hands and sat down on the grass. Alex kneeled down by your side and patted your back with his hand. "I don't know," he said. "But I'll be here." "You're the only one. This wretched disease has taken over everyone!" you wailed incessantly. "Not us, it hasn't," Alex gently reminded you. "And I'm going to be determined enough not to let it get us." "But what's our point in life anymore? We can't get an education, a house, a living, nothing. No goals except to stay sane. We gonna live our lives like that?" You cried. "I still have a purpose, ---." Alex says calmly. You can guess what he would say next, as a strong Christian guy. "Jesus said he would never give us anything we can't handle. I trust that." Alex says. You scowl at him. "Would you stop with those stupid fairy tales right now, Alex? I'm serious. If there's a good God in heaven, he would never let this awful stuff happen." You scowl at your friend. Of course he has to quote the Bible bla bla bla how unrealistic!
  3. Taken back by your harsh response, Alex sighs. "I'm praying for you," he muttered. You sigh at hearing that. "Thanks. It really helped my life," you reply sarcastically. You can't barely believe you're treating your crush this way! But of all times for him to talk about that stuff. He should just abandon his faith. His God obviously doesn't care.
  4. While you cry by Alex in the forest, you begin to hear snorts. Scared, you look up into the trees. You realize that your 'neighbours' have been sitting in the tree tops, spying on you, and waiting for just the right moment to fall down and land on you, and bite you. "Alex," you whisper, and point to the ugly creatues. It was after Alex looked up that the devil decided to begin leaping down onto you two like leeches, and try to find a good place to nip your skin. "It's on me!" you scream, as a sinister creature with a thousand warts jumps onto your back. Alex grabs a stick and deftly wacks it off. It instantly smashes to the ground, where its blood splatters. Alex tosses you a branck as well, and you use it defend yourself as many animals try to attack you. With one whack, they reach the same disgusting fate as the first. Once you have got rid of all in your sight, you lower you weapon and look around you in caution to make sure there are no more.
  5. Alex takes your hand again. You look at him and smile. He blushes. He leads you quietly by a fence lining someone's backyard. You guys peer through a hole. More 'neighbours' are snorting and grunting in their new speech. But you realize they are also moaning. You notice red sores covering their arms and legs. You can barely make out what they say in their new jibberish- but you can make out 'ughbmm, thus sores, megbish lugshmm...' reffering to the scars on their bodies. You shiver. "That's awful," you whisper. Alex covers his mouth in disgust. You tiptoe away from the fence and creep down the street. "How about we go to sea, take a ship, and try to find a deserted island," you propose. "I'm with you," Alex agrees quickly. "Let's go."
  6. FAST FORWARD: a few days later, you have reached the sea side. But you're SHOCKED. The water is BLOOD RED. Actually, it probably is blood. Around the beach, tons of creatures are slaying eachother and all their guts are going in the sea. And now its all- ALL- red. Dead fish have washed on shore, with a sick expression on their faces. "----," Alex says to you. "We're officially in an acopalypse."
  7. You run away from the awful sight. "I can't bear this!" you gasp. "I don't want to live anymore." you gasp. "----, don't say that! I- I- " Alex is cut off by a creature that lunged at him. Alex bashed it up against a tree. You wonder what he was about to say, but you don't ask. You are hot and sweaty, and you really don't even feel like moving. "It's so hot out." you wipe sweat off your face. "Can we just go." you whimper in an irritable voice. You get up. As you walk away, you begin to think to yourself. Is this just a nightmare? Won't someone wake you up and just tell you it's time to go to school? Argh, but you know it's only so real. Totally. And Alex doesn't seem to be helping anything. What? Your crush? How could you think that! But, nonetheless, you are feeling that you just want to die.
  8. Alex hung his head as he followed you. You hear him sniffle. "What's your problem," you mumble. He bores his big blue eyes into yours. In that instant, you feel so much regret for the way you've been acting. They way you've been responding to your hardships. A tear ran down Alex's cheek. "I'm sorry," you whisper, an lay a hand on his shoulder. "I've been acting bad lately." Alex only hung his head again.
  9. "I'm so hungry," you groan as your stomach rumbles. "I haven't eaten since I stopped eating lunch." You spot some berries on a bush. "Those look good," you say, and grab some. Alex rapidly grabs your wrist. "No, they're bad!" he cried out. But you look at them. Red, glowing, lovely little juicy berries. Nothing wrong with that! "They don't look rotten at all to me," you say casually. Alex stares at you, astonished. "----, you're under the dillusion! Those are the viruses we've been eating! You'll go insane like everyone else!" Alex exclaimed, really worried. "These aren't the same," you say in a daze. "So different." You pluck a berry off the twig and raise it to your mouth. "NO!" Alex screamed. Desperate, he lunged at your hand, swinging the berries away. In the same movement, he kissed you passionately on the lips. After he did, he looked you in the eye. "Don't do this to me, ----. I love you." Right then, you snapped out of the trance you were in. Suddenly, you fell back into another sweet kiss. Alex put his arms around you, and you put yours on his back.
  10. "You love me," you whispered. "I love you too," you say. Alex smiles.

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