Are you destined to be Miss Archuleta?

Hot. Cute. Talented. Did I say hot? There are many things about this boy that make me and dozens of other girls scream uncontrollably over just the sound of his voice, or the sight of his face.

Do you scream at the sight of him, or tear up at the thought of actually meeting him? Do you think he should have won American Idol? Did you cry when he lost? So do you want to become his wife? Take this quiz to find out if you know enough about him. Are you worthy?

Created by: lauren

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  1. What city, country is David Archuleta's mother from?
  2. Where did David audition for American Idol?
  3. As a total, how many schools has David attended?
  4. In what year did David win the junior division of Star Search?
  5. What day of the week was David born on? (If you know this, GREAT research)
  6. What are David's sisters' names?
  7. Wat instrument does David's dad play?
  8. How old is David's brother and what is his name?
  9. David's middle name is Jacob.
  10. David's biggest obstacle in his singing career has been getting his talent discovered.
  11. David's favorite sport is football.
  12. David was born in Orlando, Florida.
  13. David likes to have pancakes for breakfast.
  14. What was David's audition number?
  15. What does David claim to be the worst food he ever ate?
  16. What song did David sing at his audition?
  17. Which commercial has David appeared in?
  18. Which of the following is one of David's favorite movies?
  19. David Archuleta would have played the piano during his performance of "Longer" but he did not because the producers picked the song and did not want him to play an instrument.
  20. What are David's favorite foods (all three of them)?
  21. After his top 3 performances, who did David immediately text?
  22. Jason Castro once said, "It's basically the David Archuleta show," when talking about American Idol Season 7.
  23. David's lucky charm is a rubber band that his friends gave him to tell him that they have his back no matter what.
  24. Who is David Archuleta's vocal coach?
  25. Who was in the top 24 for Season 7 that also competed with David Archuleta during Star Search?
  26. Who wrote the song "You're the Voice" that David Archuleta sang during the top 10 week?
  27. Does David have pets?
  28. Use one word/phrase to describe David Archuleta.

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Quiz topic: Am I destined to be Miss Archuleta?