The Mysteries of Magic (part 3)

This is the third edition to my series, The Mysteries of Magic. IN this one you learn about the guy's past and what their powers are. hope you enjoy it! sorry for making it so late!

here are many people you will meet in this series. Here is an explanation of them. Raven: Black hair with green eyes. Dark side, Jade: Blonde hair with blue eyes. Light side, William: Red hair with red eyes. Dark side, Zac: Brown hair with hazel eyes. light side, Andrew: Black hair with blueish-grey eyes. Light side, Selena: Auburn hair with brown eyes. Dark side

Created by: elf maiden
  1. Recap: You were being introduced to Selena when the guys came in and rescued you.
  2. When you return to the tree you realize that Zac and Andrew never told you about their past. While you were explaining to them what happened you decided to ask them about it.
  3. As soon as you asked them Andrew got up and left. Zac explained what happened to make him like this. "When each our parents found out what we were they dumped us at an orphanage. We never saw them again. Eventually we realized that nobody would adopt us because we were seen as freaks. We ran away to the forest and that is where we've stayed ever since."
  4. "Why is Andrew so emotionless?" you asked him. "Well you see, _____, there was this girl that Andrew met in the woods once. He loved her and she seemed to love him. That changed when he saw her with another guy." Would you like to know who that girl was ______?" Zac asked. "Sure" you replied. "Her name was...... Jade. His heart broke when he saw her cheating on him."
  5. 'What are your powers?" you asked curiously. "Mine are mind-reading, animal transformations, teleportation, and water." replied Zac. "Mine are mind/body control, invisibility, teleportation, and fire." said Andrew coming out of nowhere, which scared you a little.
  6. What is Selena?" you asked. "She is a power-hungry demon." replied Andrew. "What powers does she have." "She has ever power EXCEPT light, which she is trying to get from you."
  7. *Home* (news broadcast) "It has been 1 month since the disappearance of missing teen ______ ______. If you have any information about her you are asked to call police." "Mamma when will sissie come home?" asked your little sister. "Don't worry little girl, you will be reunited with your sister _______ shortly." It was the voice of Selena! She muttered a word under her breath and then, your whole family was..... dead! (broadcast)" The police are now at her house investigating. Wait, we are getting word that the entire family has been found dead in their home."
  8. *guys*(whichever 1 you like) When I heard that _______'s family was dead I was in total shock. It had to have been Selena. Communicating through our minds we decide that we should start magic training very soon. She looks so hurt and all I want is to see her happy again. I think it's about time for a vacation.
  9. *you* That's just great! Selena has now just killed my family, absorbed their energy, and all I'm doing is sitting here watching the news! I want to train harder than ever and kill her! "_______, come back! we have to tell you something!"
  10. "________, we're going on a vacation to........"
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! rate and comment?

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