The Mysteries of Magic (girls only!)

Magic, adventure, and love all mix in this quiz. There are two sides to every story, light and dark. what happens when you are suddenly thrust into this battle with no warning at all?

There are many people you will meet in this series. Here is an explanation of them. Raven: Black hair with green eyes. Dark side, Jade: Blonde hair with blue eyes. Light side, William: Red hair with red eyes. Dark side, Zac: Brown hair with hazel eyes. light side, Andrew: Black hair with blueish-grey eyes. Light side, Selena: Auburn hair with brown eyes. Dark side

Created by: elf maiden
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  1. You are getting ready to meet your friend, Raven, at the park after school. How are you going to dress?
  2. Nothing much happened at the park. You just helped each other with homework and stuff. At school the next day you notice two guys staring at you and talking to each other in whispers. One of them had brown hair and hazel eyes while the other had black hair and blueish-grey eyes. Somehow you get the felling that only you can see them.
  3. School was normal except for those two guys who where following you everywhere. While you were walking home they finally came and started talking to you. "I'm Zac" the one with the brown hair and hazel eyes said. "This is Andrew." He had black hair and blueish-grey eyes. They ask you to follow them. Do you?
  4. You go with them, even if it is against what you think. "Don't worry, we're here to protect you, not harm you, right Andrew?" "Yeah, but I already told you that I don't think we should tell her yet."
  5. "We should go back to the house before we tell her anything." "your right Andrew, after all, SHE could be listing to us."
  6. You finally reach their house. To your astonishment you find out they don't live in a house,but a tree! Each individual treehouse acts like a singly room. " We'll show you to your room." Then you find out that the treehouses are connected by rope bridges. "What do you think?"
  7. "Now should we tell her?" asked Zac. "Why not?" replied Andrew. "_______, we think you have magic powers, but we aren't sure what they are yet. We think you have some of each power, but like I already said, we're not that sure." " Is that true Andrew?" " Every word of it _______."
  8. 'There are two sides to the world, light and dark. You, me, Andrew, and Jade are on the light side. Raven, William, and Selena are on the dark side." explained Zac. " We think they have other supernatural help too, but we aren't sure. We do know that you have to be successful in defeating them before they take over the world." added Andrew.
  9. 'You will start training tomorrow. For now though, get some rest. You'll be needing it." said Andrew. Wow! you think, this is a lot to understand! 1. my best friend is evil. 2. I'll have to fight her soon. 3. I have magic powers! Why couldn't any have told me this sooner!
  10. Sorry it was so short! What do you think of my first quiz series?
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