The White Water ( A Tale of Shade)

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This is a made up story. And hope you enjoy the quiz. Good luck with the quiz and enjoy the quiz. I had a rough time because it was night out and I was tired.

Let's see what you get in my made up story hope you enjoy the quiz and I hope you likeit. It's a cool quiz and a adventures about unbelievable things. And please tell me if you want characters to be in the story.

Created by: Francesca Bookless

  1. Okay so your name is Shade and you were walking down the road and then you heard a screeching sound. So you went to check it out.
  2. You see a ginormous white dragon. Whoa, you said. The dragon looked at you and said, Are you Shade? You reply
  3. Come with me, I need to show you something... The dragon said. Oh! By the way I'm Spiritual. The dragon said.
  4. What do you want me to see? You asked. Ethier way you follow Spiritual . Whoa, White water, how's that possible? You ask. Well it's White Water Pond, get it now? Spiritual questioned.
  5. That's why your here Shade. Spiritual moaned. Wait why, you ask. It's the bottom of the pond..., someone you know, I think her name was Rhim. He said.
  6. Yeah, Rhim, well she has been turned into a part of the pond. He whispered. What did you say???? You yelled. Yep, and your the only one who can help her out. He said.
  7. And I am coming with you Shade. Spiritual said. Thank you Spiritual, and why me? You ask. Because you are special. He said.
  8. We might run into a Black Sea. He growled. You seem angry, why? You ask. It's its nothing... He mumbled
  9. Never mind. You said. Let's see if you are ready to use your ability to breath under water. Spiritual said happily.
  10. And then... CLIFFHANGER! Sorry but I had to.

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