A Black Heart ~Part 2~

Once again, I have made an amazing quiz! Trust me, It'll be good. Oh, no prologue this time, Sorry! I wonder who your lover will be...

Garroth: Blue eyes, Blonde hair-teleportation. Aaron: Green eyes, Black hair-mind reading Troy: Brown eyes, brown hair-disappearing Mystery Guy: ???-???

Created by: Isabel Star

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  1. Another day, another adventure. Or that's what Luna always says. You quickly get some training clothes out when the Mission Delivery Bell rings. "Gaahh!!" You say out loud. "Not another Mission, already!" You get out your standard outfit and head for Mission Hall, where you'll meet the others on your Mission. When you get there, you see Troy, Aaron, Garroth, Iris, and... Kitty Claws! You haven't seen her in forever, she's been on a solo mission for a while. You notice a bandage on her leg, and shout her name. She quickly turns around and sees you. "Same-same!" You say, putting up your arm. She smiles, then looks at Luna. Of course, Luna is at the head of the table. "OK, this is an important mission. The Vampire Queen wants to meet with us, so I gathered the best. As you can see, we have some of the Original 5 in the group." She pauses as the ones you don't know stare in awe at Kitty, Iris, and you. Luna continues "So they'll be in charge. I want you to be extremely cautious, but still respectful. We don't want to rub off the wrong way, so try not to stare." "As if." You snap your head around and see Aaron. "What? Everyone was thinking it. No joke." He winks. You laugh.
  2. "OK," Luna says, "Don't forget to grab a code on the way out. So, what are you waiting for, go get your gear! We'll meet back here in 5." As you head out, Troy and you have a quick conversation. "Queen of the Vampires? What do you think she wants?" He says. "No idea, but maybe she wants to help us. We could use all the help we can get at this point." You reply. "Maybe..." And he's disappears. Typical, him just leaving like that. You meet up with Kitty Claws when you wind down the hallway. "I haven't seen you in forever!" You shout. "I know!" She chuckles. You reply, "It'll be fun working with you again." "Yeah, see you later, Twi!" You pass by Garroth and he gives you a wave, then teleports. What are the boys up to? They've been acting weird, and avoiding you. Oh well, you think, as you swing into your room.
  3. You grab your bow and feel a deep gash in the inner side. The battle comes back to you like a bad dream. Nightmare, your sister, sends a pack of Shadow Wolves at you, not thinking, you block them with your bow. Holding them back, the biggest, fiercest of them all lands a direct hit at your bow, giving it a slash on one side. jumping back, you focus your bow on the squirming mass of shadows. Before you can let the arrow fly, a Shadow Wolf comes from behind and scratches you on the arm, hard. You looked up to see the big, mean one from before. Just before you conk out, your sister laughs evilly. "What a fool you are sister!" were the last words you heard. And then... "Twi! Let's go!" You hear Iris say from outside your door. You grab your quiver. "Coming!" you shout. Soon you are gathered in the hall. Luna up front, as always.
  4. "Okay, everyone, I just found out we will have 11 on this mission, not 10." Luna shouts across the crowd. What? you think. You count all the heads you can see. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ,9... 9! But she said 11! Out of nowhere, Garroth teleports right next to you. He chuckles. "At least I didn't land on top of you!" He laughs. "Agreed!" You giggled back. "This is Fangia," Luna shouts, "She is the Vampire Queen's daughter, and will be our guide." She lowers her voice. "Fangia? You can sit next to Twilight, the one with the black wings." As she sits down, you look her over. She was wearing a big black cloak, so you couldn't see her face. Aaron scoots up a bit to whisper in your ear. "She's not nervous or anything, but she's wondering if she'll make any friends. You should talk to her." You nod slightly so Fangia wouldn't see, then speak up. "Hey, uh, Fangia, how, uh, do you like it here?" You muster. "It's, okay, I guess." She says coolly. "You guess?" You ask, uncertain. "Well, it's not home, but it's something, I wish there was someone I could talk to that wasn't so, goody-two-shoes." She said. "What about me? I'm from the Midnight Realm and, well, you know stuff there." You reply. "No. I like being alone." She spat, then moved down a seat.
  5. Aaron scoots up again. "Not your fault, I guess. She's probably not friendly on good days either." He whispers. You snicker. "OK," Luna continues, "I hope you all grabbed what you need, because we're going straight there." You sling your quiver over your shoulder and pick up your bow. Fangia gets up and, well, you can't describe it. It's almost as if she's gliding across the floor. She steps up to the stage, facing away from you and the others. She flings her cloak off her shoulders, raising her hands in one quick movement. She utters some words in a language you don't understand. Suddenly, a glittery blue portal opens in front of her. She steps back, allowing the cloak to conceal her once more. Troy appears next to you and holds your hand. You blush ever so slightly, but he's not paying attention. "We're entering the Pocket World." He states, "This is where all the worlds meet together. Garroth comes here just before he teleports. He tells me about it all the time. Be careful, Twilight, things are mighty strange in there." All of you step in, to find yourselves in what felt almost town like, but these weren't your average 'villagers'. There was Ghosts, and werewolves, and all other types of creatures. Fangia nodded to a few of them as you walked, staring in awe. "Don't stare so much," Fangia hissed, "It's very, very rude."
  6. You look straight ahead, trying to seem intimidating. Fangia laughs. "I like the effort, but don't. Just, don't." She stops in front of a closed portal with engravings sprawled all over it. Once again, Fangia says something you don't understand. You realize that it's the same words she said before. Only, this time, the portal was red. Blood red. You step in. The whole place felt a little too much like home. Hooded figures were everywhere though, and that was different. "Those are Keepers," Fangia explains,"the hooded ones. They've been everywhere lately. Pay them no mind." In the distance, you see a huge black castle that gives you a shiver up your spine. As you enter, Fangia stops. "What is this all about? Why are you so secretive?" Troy practically yells in your ear. You had forgotten he was there. "You all must stop here.' Fangia says, "It is custom. My mother doesn't like it when you just barge in, but she doesn't get that mad at me." She walks in. It only takes a second before she returns and beckons you inside. You look up at a humongous throne, where sat the queen.
  7. Surprisingly, she looked kind, and young. She notes your expression and in a twinkling voice said, "Not what you were expecting? Don't worry, I get that a lot!" She chuckles. "Anyway, my name is Vampira, but I don't care what you call me. I called you here for a certain, dilemma. You see war between the Kingdoms has broken out. The Werewolves and Vampires against the Skeletons and Zombies. I have reason to believe the Witches are leaning towards the Undead Alliance, or the Zombies and Skeletons. Listen, you need supplies and support, I need warriors. I'll give you time to think about it. When you need me, Sorin will go and call upon me. Sorin!" And with that, she was gone. Stumbling after her was a guard that had to be Sorin. He shuffled his feet, then spread two gaint wings from behind him that looked awfully familiar. you shrug it off and spin around to find Kitty Claws mid-sentence. "so I think not!" A small voice pipes up, "But we need supplies! I may not be much of a warrior, but I'm not stupid." "And just who are you?" said Kitty in a rude voice. "M-my name is S-S-Sirena." "I'm with her." You hear someone say. You realize that someone is you. "If Twilight is in, I'm in." Aaron agrees. Kitty sighs. "Raise your hand if you want to do this." Everybody's hand goes up. "It's decided then." says Iris. You turn around to face Sorin. Your about to speak when you realize something. "YOU!" You shout, lunging at Sorin. "Your from the Midnight Realm!" He trys to fly away, but you get him first. "STOP!" yells Kitty. But you can't. You're about to strangle him when Iris pulls you off. "Oh, so you're a Vampire now? BIG SURPRISE!" You shout angrily. He scatters out of the throne room. "Do you know what you just did?!? You jeopardized the whole mission!" Kitty yells at you. "I-I-" you stammer. "I see you've agreed to my offer." Vampira says from behind you. "Yes" Says Sirena. "Good. Now let my do the honor of sending all of you home." All of a sudden, you're back in Mission Hall. And Fangia is there with you.
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