Are you really part of the black parade?

There are many people our there who want to claim that they are part of the black parade to seem ¨cool¨ or ¨emo¨ but the true black parade members know that we don't do it for the looks, we do it for the music. Come find out if you are really part of the black parade and that you know your stuff!

are you part of the black parade? or just another poser? want to prove that you aren't just an attention seeker wanna be emo? well then take this quiz and prove that you know you're stuff and love MCR for the music, not the lable.

Created by: faith

  1. You see a fellow MCR fan getting into a fight with 3 people, what do you do?
  2. how many people are going to be against the choices we make in our lives and criticize what we do?
  3. what's the worst that I could say?
  4. who's the only hope for me?
  5. which song takes about playing ring around the ambulance?
  6. what does gerard mean by the lyrics ¨and right now there building a coffin your size¨
  7. ¨but if you're troubled and hurt what you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did¨ what song are these lyrics from?
  8. ¨You are never coming home, never coming home Could I? Should I?¨ whats song are these lyrics from?
  9. what song talks about a cancer patient dying and having to leave someone behind?
  10. lastly, what song talks about how in highschool, were being pushed around, spit on, and forced to agree with what others think is best not thinking about what we want for ourselves? only to grow up and see all the people who ¨made it¨ fall from there high standing and ¨sell cars on tv¨

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Quiz topic: Am I really part of the black parade?