How Anarchy Are You ?

Hey this is my quiz If you take part of know if your Anarchy or not. Well, for so far the quiz. Well Thats it. I hope you will like it. you probably do. lalala and so on

BUT! Maybe you`re an Anarchist Hope So cause its really really much fun ! Shout against the government and that kinda stuff. Listen to cool music and stay in a Squat House

Created by: Faberzjee

  1. Choice a Symbol
  2. How do you think about the goverment
  3. What is your favourite music style ?
  4. Pick A Color
  5. What type of clothes do you wear ?
  6. Who`s your hero ?
  7. Finish I am An Antichrist
  8. Finish I Wanna Destroy
  9. Chose
  10. Did you like the quiz ?

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Quiz topic: How Anarchy am I ?