What Anarcho faction are YOU; collectivist V. Commu

Many political radical "groups" today have become confused and misunderstanding of their philosophy's name and/or true beliefs. With new names being coined form different specialized groups and philosophies (such as primitivist and Marxo-Anarchist) it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish one from the other.

These two (communal and collectivist) are seemingly the most 'engulfing' of the philosophies of Anarchy (in the non-arsonist/rioter sence.) I suggect you start here.

Created by: Code

  1. Money, good or bad?? More over, Must it be Abolished?
  2. Sould amount of labor determine amount of gain?
  3. Would you place yourself with the French Revolutionaries or The Spainish Anarchists?
  4. Should things be provided based on needs or equallity?
  5. Nations or Townships?
  6. Bakunin or Kropotkin?
  7. Wealth belongs to all or wealth belongs to none??
  8. Family "abolishion" or Inclusion of "The Great Human Family"
  9. Hunter Gatherer tribes or Catalan Region?
  10. Zappata or Sam Dolgoff

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Quiz topic: What Anarcho faction am I; collectivist V. Commu