How White Are You Quiz

How white are you? The white stereotype quiz. Some think there aren't stereotypical assumptions made about white people. Some people would be wrong! Can't dance, can't jump, got no rhythm? Those are too obvious for this quiz! (Plus if I asked I doubt I'd get honest answers)

So just take my short quiz and be honest as can be, it's all for fun anyways. Find out how white you are, get your results then tell your friends so they can give it a try. Enjoy, white boy!

Created by: Jack B.
  1. The weather forecast says it will be 50 degrees F today.
  2. Do you figure you'll "take a year off" before, during, or after college?
  3. How much of your life gets documented on Facebook/Instagram (or similar site)?
  4. What kind of chocolate do you eat?
  5. More fun: snowboarding or skateboarding?
  6. How many Apple products (iPhone, mac, iPad, etc) do you own?
  7. Are you the same religion as your parents?
  8. If you asked, your parents would give you money.
  9. What would you rather have on your car?
  10. Are you usually late to events?
  11. What kind of salt do you prefer?
  12. What water do you drink?
  13. What do you do at concerts?
  14. Have you ever been to a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc.?

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