Test Your Knowledge of White Noise

It takes a focused person to be a White Noise MASTER: someone who sees past the white noise but does not skip the details. Someone who remembers that Heinrich has a receding hairline...

Do you think you have what it takes to become a White Noise MASTER?? Could you ignore the white noise in your own life to focus on this novel?? Then try your hand at our White Noise Trivia Quiz and see where you stand.

Created by: Kimberly

  1. What is Jack's last name?
  2. Who volunteered to assist SIMUVAC with a simulated emergency?
  3. Where is College-on-the-Hill?
  4. Which game does Heinrich play with a convicted murderer via mail?
  5. Murray hosts seminars about
  6. Where does Steffie visit her mother?
  7. How many biological children does Jack have?
  8. Who will die first?
  9. What feat does Orest want to accomplish?
  10. What class does Babette teach?
  11. Jack steals whose car??
  12. How does Dimitros Cotsakis die?
  13. Who is Mr. Gray?
  14. Who has important hair?
  15. Which chemical causes the airborne toxic event?
  16. How old is Wilder?
  17. Who gives Jack a gun?
  18. Babette's secret is discovered by...
  19. Who advised Jack to change his name and image?
  20. Who wrote White Noise?

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Quiz topic: Test my Knowledge of White Noise