How Well Do You Know Warriors?

A lot of people read the Warriors books. Many know so much about the Clans that other people consider them obsessed. But in order to survive in the Warriors world, you have to have a unique knowledge of every last scrap of information.

Would you survive as a Clan cat, or are you better off as a kittypet? How well do you know the leaders and the names of the cats? Could you survive? You can find out now. Just take this quiz!

Created by: Falling Star

  1. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  2. Who was the first deputy of ThunderClan?
  3. Who was the father of Bluestar's secret kits?
  4. Which cats were Bluestar's secret kits?
  5. Which of these cats is NOT from the books?
  6. Which of these cats IS from the books?
  7. Does Firestar have any siblings?
  8. Which cat is Firestar's mate?
  9. Where did Firestar go with Sandstorm when Graystripe took care of the Clan?
  10. Who was Crowfeather in love with?
  11. Who was the leader of ShadowClan in Midnight?
  12. Who did Tallstar make deputy instead of Mudclaw?
  13. Which RiverClan cat was Brambleclaw's half-brother?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Warriors?