Medicine in Tudor-Stuart England

This quiz was made as a companion to my website about Tudor-Stuart Medicine. Medicine underwent many changes during this period and you could either be treated by being bled, praying to a patron healing saint or even better doing.... nothing!

Find out how much you know about Tudor-Stuart Medicine and the changes that took place during this period, as well as the gruesome practices that took place.

Created by: Gabriella Garcia

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  1. What were Galen's Four Humours?
  2. Which of the following did Galen NOT dissect?
  3. Who was the first man in England to lecture in public on the new anatomical theory and methods of Vesalius?
  4. What year did Vesalius publish Fabrica?
  5. What apparently cured Rowland Davies' patient Mrs Patty of her illness?
  6. What was Saint Lucy the patron healing saint of?
  7. What technique gave William Harvey the first inkling that blood might circulate the body?
  8. Why did Harvey wait twenty-five years to publish his findings?
  9. Did new medical theory translate into new medical practice beneficially for patients?
  10. Which of the following was NOT a key factor that led to the downfall of Galenic medicine and the rise of new medical theory in Tudor-Stuart England?

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