Howardfans Own Tudormaina Quiz

There are many tudorians (one who knows there history or is obsessed with knowing it more and more) Are you one? Do you want to learn more? Well if you do come and take this quiz that i made and see for yourself.

Are you a tudor fan? no really? i mean do you know who was before Henry VIII? or where the name Tudor comes from? Who was culpepper? Thomas seymour and Elizabeth of york? If you know or think you may know give my quiz a good old go

Created by: juliette
  1. Question one Which Wife of henry Survived being married to him?
  2. What year was Princess Elizabeth born
  3. Which wife of henry was named by him to be his "Rose without thorn?"
  4. Which Seymour died on charges relating to Edward VI's alleged kidnapping?
  5. Mary shelton was the real mistress of Henry VIII in 1535 However the show portrays that it were someone else, what was the name of this woman mistakedly played as his mistress?
  6. Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry VIII and Bessie blount was born in what year?
  7. Which english star plays Anne Boleyn in the tudors
  8. Name anne Boleyns parents
  9. What is beleived to be mary tudors favourite colour when wearing gowns, hoods and jewels?
  10. Thomas Culpepper was....
  11. IN 1485 Henry VII killed Richard the third in what was known as

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