The Medicine cats Love Part 2

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The story continues but now you have someone else that loves you! and in it all you are a medicine cat can you really have a mate? or will it all all down?

You love which cat? which will you choose as a mate? and what is the big twist at the end do this quiz and find out! it took me a while so DO IT!!!!!!

Created by: Grapejuice
  1. (you will NOT understand anything unless you did the first one! OKAY?! good) The next night you could not sleep you where awake waiting to see if Flamebrush was right. Finally around midnight Thunderclan attacked. your clan was ready and they fought well Thunderclan was beaten!!! during the battle you looked for
  2. When the battle ends you do your job as you move on leaving Gorgeclaw with a poppy seed and some Marigold on his wounds you hear a cat calling your name. you turn to see Nightstar. you walk over when you get there Nightstar is looking at you with a dreamy look. he meows "Kindheart! I just wanted to say that your a great medicine cat and your dedication to your clan is simply spell binding" you politely thank him as you take care for his wounds you
  3. The next day you are walking through the woods. as you near the Thunderclan border you smell... FLAMEBRUSH! you run a little faster and there he was! when he see's you he gives you that little crooked (one sided) smile. "Kindheart! I'm so glad your safe! though i feel kinda bad about my clanmates." you move closer and say "I'm sorry about that. I hope Brackenfoot isn't giving you a hard time" he growls at her name "Oh she won't. she ah she um" he seems nervous you
  4. He looks at you and answers "she likes me. she's been dropping hints of wanting to be my mate. but well i don't want her. I want" but he never gets the chance to finish the sentence because at that moment Nightstar comes out of some bushes...
  5. Nightstar steps closer to you his fur presses into yours you
  6. Flamebrush looks at Nightstar through narrowed eyes you think you see jealousy and hatred in his eyes. Nightstar breaks the silence "what are you doing so close to MY medicine cat" he emphasizes the word MY. Flamebrush answers calmly "making sure she doesn't cross the border. medicine cat or not she collects herbs on her side not ours." Nightstar looks at him then as if satisfied turns away. as he leaves he says "just remember she's mine not yours." as you leave you can't help but think
  7. When you get back to camp Nightstar tells you in his den "You will NOT go seeing that cat again he's trouble and besides he can't care for you. not like me." he murmured the last part but you heard it. his gaze softened and he purred "I was only concerned for you. just be careful around thunderclan they just lost a battle to us they may be out for revenge." the day goes on normal from there but that night before you sleep you think
  8. Three weeks passed since you last saw Flamebrush but you can't stop thinking about him you are sure that both Nightstar and Flamebrush love you. however tonight is the night of the gathering. When you get there you spot Flamebrush. he beckons you and apologizes for not seeing you he says "I would have but my leader is suspicious that i helped Shadowclan. sHe ah knows i like a cat in Shadowclan. she doesn't know i like the cat i'm talking to right now though." he gives you his crooked smile and you
  9. As the gathering continues you notice Nightstar staring at you and Flamebrush. however when Flamebrush see's you looking at Nightstar he says "Ignore him he's just jealous." This confirms it you now know that they do love you. When the gathering ends you all head home. when you get back you look to your apprentice (Yes you have an apprentice his name is Starkmoss) "Starkmoss I think starclan has some horrible plan set for me tomorrow." you don't know why you say this but you do. all that night you think of
  10. The next day Nightstar Calls you to his den when you get there he has a serious look on his face Nightstar talks to you "Kindheart I saw you with him. and well I think it would be best if you stopped being a medicine cat..." You gasp and he continues "I think it best if you became a warrior not only would you learn to protect yourself should something happen but well you could take a a mate.." you think
  11. Yes i can end it here! so until the next episode!! (this has no effects)

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