The Medicine cats Love

You are the Shadowclan Medicine cat your name is Kindheart and your really well respected but a Thunderclan tom saves your life and suddenly you find yourself with a cat who loves you.

The next episodes get interesting and More drama can you a med cat really have a mate? If you pick one can you really get through the heartbreak of the other one? read the next chapter and find out!

Created by: Grapejuice

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  1. (read the caption above it explains everything)You are wondering through the Pine forest searching for some healing herbs when suddenly you smell something strange. following the scent you are lead close to the Thunderclan border when suddenly a Striped snout pokes out, and a roaring badger leaps out at you! you
  2. Before the badger can attack a yellow and orange shape hurls itself onto the badger. you hear hissing and see claws glinting. after a minuet or two the badger shakes of the cat and runs away deeper into the woods. the cat gets up and you recognize The Thunderclan scent. The Tom walks over to you and asks "Are you okay?" you look into his eyes one is ice blue the other forest green like you. the sun lights his pelt he had an orange pelt with a yellow tail and paws. you
  3. after you thank the tom he introduces himself "Hi i'm Flamebrush your Kindheart right?" you nod then say "you should probably leave before my clan finds you here. thank you again for saving me." He gives you a warm crooked smile. and then bounds towards the border before he leaves he turns around and syas "I hope to see you again Kindheart." as you head back to camp you think
  4. When you get back to camp you go to tell your leader about the badger attack. however you leave out the part about the Thunderclan warrior. The leader thanks you and you go on with your business that night you dream about
  5. A day passes and its finally time for the gathering. when your clan reaches there. you go to mingle with the clan cats. suddenly a cat bumps into you. you look up to see Flamebrush. he quickly helps you up and says "i'm really sorry about that Kindheart. would you like to sit with me?"
  6. The gathering went well and as you leave Flamebrush murmurs in your ear "tomorrow at sun high meet me by the border." as you walk back you decide rather to except or not
  7. (This is only if you didn't pick The don't come option if you picked that option just check the skip box and go on to the next one!) The next day you head to the border, your clan thinks your out searching for herbs. when you get there you see Flamebrush, When he see's you he jumps up in happiness! when you get closer you
  8. (if you picked the didn't go see him option then do this if you didn't then check the skip and continue on) At camp you start to think about Flamebrush you are curios to what he wanted to tell you. Finally the curiosity takes over and you go down to see him. when he see's you he jumps up in happiness and when you get there you
  9. He looks at you and mews "Apart from the fact that i wanted to see you again? I have some information for you." You purr at what he said then he continues and you listen "My clan is planing on attacking your clan. I shouldn't be telling you this but well i had too. One of our warriors Brackenfoot found shadowclan scents on our side of the border I don't believe her but well the clan does. They will attack tomorrow at night" You gasp. he risked his life for you you say "Thank you so much for this info but you should leave they can't find you talking to me." as you head back to camp your mouth full of herbs you think
  10. When you get back to camp you rush to the leaders den and tell him what you learned when he asked you where you got the info you say "i got an omen from starclan" you could not betray Flamebrush because

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