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  • Name: Bat-tooth
    Gender: Male/Tom
    Clan: An OC Clan called "FogClan."
    Age: 57 Moons (approx. 4.8 years)
    Rank: Deputy.

    Personalit y: Compassionate, forgetful, compulsive, gullible, kind, indecisive, good-hearted.

    Like s: Pines and cedars, collecting stones and rocks and scattering them throughout camp, snails and mice

    Dislikes: Pessimistic behavior, untruthfulness, large open spaces, hot days

    Appearance: Bat-tooth is a large, brawny chestnut brown and chocolate tom with particularly small, round green eyes. He has an underbite, and thanks to this he gets his suffix, which is tooth, as his fangs are usually visible.

    His pelt is usually unkempt and dirty, and he carries the marks of his enemies across his large flank and legs. His ears are large and rounded, where he originally got the name "bat" from as a kit.

    Thanks to his rounded ears, he is capable of hearing (just a smidge) better than normal cats, making him a great hunter despite what he lacks in height.

    Although he looks buff, his legs actually aren't that long. Around 50% of his Clan are a good shoulder or two higher than him, and he is often teased and called a "beaver."

    Scoring: 88%! I'll take it.

  • Name: Rowanstrike
    Age: 26 moons
    Gender: Tom
    Rank: Warrior
    Clan: ThunderClan

    Appear ance: Rowanstrike is a brown furred spotted tabby. He has a lean, almost feminine build, and is often mistaken for a she-cat. His fur is short-medium length and is somewhat curly. His eyes are a bluish violet color, the right of which has a light tan spot around it. A large scar horizontally spans across his muzzle. His ears are large and a darker shade of brown. His hind paws fade to the same shade of dark brown. His spots and long, skinny tail are the same color as well. His front legs are covered with stripes instead of spots.

    Negative Personality traits: Snarky, vengeful, skeptical/untrustin g, prideful, unforgiving, stubborn, short-tempered

    Neu tral traits: Competitive, outspoken, mischievous

    Positi ve traits: Ambitious, witty/clever, motivated, independent, introspective, honest, astute, curious, protective, trustworthy

    Final score: 96%

  • (Just for context: This takes place in it's own universe entirely, separate from main story and merely uses the concepts and environments from the books)

    Name: Corpse'Blossom (Edgy name, I know, but it was given to him as a joke/nickname by the rogue group that he ran with to mock warriors names)

    Gender: Tom/Male

    Clan: Previously in a Rogue group called "Wastrels" but took advantage of Shadow Clan as they were low on cats.

    Age: 58 moons (Approx. 5 yrs)

    Rank: Previously Unaffiliated but bullied his way to Leader when the clan was low on cats.

    Personality: Tyrannical, Oppressive, Good sense of humour, Abrasive, Sneaky, Confident, Brave, Loyal (After being driven out of Shadow Clan)

    Likes: Getting his own way, Being in control, Birds, Peaceful walks, Fighting for his way (verbally)

    Dislikes: Being told he's wrong, Being told what to do, Being alone.

    Appearance: He is a scrawny, ratty tom with darkish-grey with dark tabby stripes and white highlights. He has sharp orange eyes and a toothy smirk.

    His pelt is often well groomed but can become unruly fast in times of stress or anger. He has long, slightly pointy ears (his left ear having a small tear in it due to play fighting as a kit).

    I haven't made a Warriors OC in a good few years so a score of 67% was to be expected heh. However, Corpse is only one of my OC's and I am inspired to go back and improve him. Thank you for the feedback, have a good day :3

  • Name: Dogsnap
    Gender: Female/She-cat
    Clan: SunClan
    Age: 48 moons (about 4 years old)
    Rank: Warrior (nearly deputy)

    Appearance: A sleek and somewhat fluffy light brown tabby she-cat, with a black sock on her right paw, and hazel brown eyes. Her tail is puffed up and out like a Somali cat, and she has black ear tufts to show it. She has a petite mouth on the outside, but when she opens it, it looks double it's original size.

    Personality: Dogsnap is known for her sass, even for her age she's a bit lively too. Blunt, and confident, although she might hesitate and discourage it if it's too outrageous for even her.

    Likes: Chamomile petals and the strong smell of them. She also likes to nibble on her claws, which is a bad habit, and makes her pristine self look broken by her eroded-looking claws.

    Dislikes: She dislikes having to do duties, or being waken up by another cat. Sleeping in is her thing. Or someone sassing her back or being able to. But, that rarely happens :)

    My score is 71%, not the best but good.

  • 78%
    Name: Amberpool
    Age: 48 moons
    Clan: RoseClan
    Gender: She-Cat
    Rank: Deputy

    Appearance: A slender, long-legged she-cat with a short cream fur and ginger paws. Her muzzle is also ginger and peppered with dark ginger spots. Her eyes are a dark, dry amber.

    Personality : She is a head-strong, intelligent, stubborn, proud and patient cat. Everything she does is cool and calculated except around a certain cat, when all reason is abandoned.

  • Name: Stonecreek.
    Gender: She-cat, straight.
    Clan: RiverClan.
    Age: 47 Moons.
    Rank: Deputy.

    Appearance: Stonecreek is a lanky silvery-gray tabby with sleek fur. She has white paws, tail, muzzle, and chest. Her face is a dark of gray, with flecks of black. She has round, dark blue eyes. She has a thick, shaggy pelt, and a dark gray fur-tip on her left ear. She has a v-shaped nick on the tip of her right ear, leaving her without the right ear-tuft.

    Her pelt is usually sleek and kempt, and her tail often curls under her legs. She is far from lacking height, a good shoulder or two taller than %75 of his Clanmates.

    Personality: Obedient, quiet, calculating, and cold-hearted torwards rival Clans.

    Score: %73, Not sure if I did well. But I think I did.

  • Name: Ivypaw.
    Age: 7 moons.
    Gender: Female straight.
    Clan: Thunder.
    Main fur colour: Silver/grey tabby.
    Fur Highlights: Grey w hints of green.
    Rank: Apprentice.
    Mate/Cr ush: Blacklimp (Riverclan).

    Featur es: Dark patches on muzzle/over eye, thick bushy tail, tabby, large ears, scar on right backpaw.

    Disabiliti es: Hears voices, possibly from StarClan.

    How good is my Warrior OC: 60%
    Cool :D

  • My cat is named Stormberry. She is a grey cat with emerald eyes and is currently deputy, although she will become leader soon. Her mate is Sandtail, (sandtail was a riverclan cat) but they both currently live in Thunderclan. Stormberry and sandtail have 3 kits, Wolfkit, Lionkit, and Falconkit. (And yes I know they are all names of other animals, deal with it) wolfkit was lost crossing a river and is assumed dead. However in Stormberrys leading years she will find wolfkit. Wolfkit was raised by loners. Stormberry is part of 2 prophecys, (three of you dont one about her kits.) I have written the first book about her and the next one will be in all three of her kits perspectives.

  • Name: Chipped-Gorge
    Gender: She-Cat
    Clan: Exiled TC/Rouge
    Age: 27 Moons
    Rank: Warrior

    Appearance: Slender, agile, and some-what tall, brown-orange stripes with a golden pelt and splotches of white. Right eye yellow while the left is a light orange. Has a shredded ear and one long scar that starts at her mouth then down towards the upper part of her throat.

    She has long sharp ears that look like theyre capable of hearing far away but truly, shes partly deaf. She has a abnormally long and fluffy tail while the rest of her pelt is very short.

    One of her teeth is slightly chipped from a clumsy fall onto a rock while being a kit which gave her the prefix, Chipped.

    Personality: Ruthless, untrustworthy, thief, ambitious, zealous, and curious

    Likes: Smooth rocks, tall grass, drawing in dirt, and squirrels

    Dislikes: Loud obnoxious sounds, leaf-bare, confined areas

    Score: 86%, Its a lot better than Id expect ;_; I was thinking more like 63-74%, something like that.

  • Name: Kittenfang ( originally had the prefix collie)

    Gender: Tom
    Clan: windclan

    Backstory: Mother was a little and father was the SC med cat. He had two siblings, Houndkit ( tom) and terrierkit ( she) their mom abandoned them and they were found by windclan. They had a normal life growing up. Colliepaw fell in love with a economic cat, but was friendzoned. When his assent came, he found a rabbit and while chasing it, a hunter found him and shot him. His lower jaw was blown off and teeth were chipped or fell out. He recovered with the help of a friend, who also had a disability. The two fell in love and became mates, colliepaw having the new name Kittenfang. They had a litter of three together, all of them having a disability. Kittenfang and his mate grew old together and happily died the same day together as elders

  • Name: Bubbleshine
    Gender: Female

    Clan: ForestClan (OC clan, not a real one) past: Kittypet

    Rank: Warrior
    Apprentice: Lightpaw

    Appearance: Pale-ginger Siamese she-cat with icy blue eyes.

    Personality: Bold and athletic. Not patient at all, and loves to take risks. Never thinks twice about anything she does, and is a bit of a trouble maker. She's kind at heart but has a tough shell.

    Backstory: Luna was an average kitty pet living her life. She loved life just the way it was. Her owners had decided to move away, and the place they were going had a no-pet policy. Luna was abandoned in the forest. Later, a cat called Birdpelt invited her into ForestClan. Luna refuses at first and thinks she can handle living life in the forest by herself. She finds out she can't. With a rough attitude, she confesses she'd like to join. From then her name was Bubblepaw for her blue eyes. (Btw, she was about 7 moons at the time). She learned quickly and loved hunting. After saving Goldenblaze from drowning, who was deputy at the time, she earns her warrior name "Bubbleshine". She lives an average warrior life, and since ForestClan was founded by kittypets (it's a long story :p) everyone learned to respect her. She later gets an apprentice, Lightpaw and passes on her knowledge to her. Overall, Bubbleshine has a tough time asking for help from others, and is pretty grumpy.

    My score: 86% I'm willing to take it :D

  • name: Willowstar
    gender: she-cat

    all names: willow, willowkit, willowpaw, and willowleaf.

    looks: fluffy silver pelt, fluffy tail, green eyes

    clan: WindClan
    rank: leader
    mate: Ravenwhisper
    paren ts: fern & rocky
    foster parents: duskpool & iceleaf
    littermate s: hazelwing, jay, and lion

    kits: 1# litter: thunderheart & lightningclaw

    2# litter: mudwhisker, cloverdust, dreampelt, silverstripe, and grassrunner

    facts: was a rouge as a kit, mother died, father got a new mate and neglected her and her littermates. her and her sister ran away, joined windclan, and lived their lives. mated with cat from riverclan, and that cat soon joined windclan.

  • Name: Lilybear
    Age: 13 moons

    Past names: Lilykit, Lilypaw(medicine cat apprentice), Sweetie (loner), Lilypaw (warrior apprentice)

    Gender : Female
    Rank: junior warrior

    Love interests(current): Stoatpaw (oc tom), Sunny (oc rogue tom)

    Love interests (future) : Wildtail (oc tom), Misteddream (oc she), Stoatnose (oc tom-formerly Stoatpaw), Sunny (oc rogue tom)

    Sexual Orientation: bisexual

    Allegiance: Rogue (formerly) Leaf Clan (current)

    Traits: funny, weird, bubbly once known, daydreamer, flirty sometimes, annoying, anti-social, silly

    Voice: very high, cute and kit-like (Doll like)

    Appearence: a golden-cream she-cat with a small frame but large paws. She has short, yet lean legs that make her soft,white paws look even bigger(which her suffix 'bear is based on). Her face is perfectly shaped facial features make all cats (tom and she) fall in love with her, yet her quite annoying voice soon puts them off her. She has small, rounded ears with cute cream tufts on the tips. Her chest-fluff is large and white which perfectly contrasts her golden underbelly. She has a bushy tail that is quite small but looks much larger because of her fluff :3

    Favourite food: bluebird

    Friends: Mouseface (oc she), Stoatpaw/Stoatnose (oc tom), Littletail (oc she), Sunny (oc rogue)

    Disliked by: Riverheart (oc she), Rainyflame (oc tom), Rugged (oc rogue tom)

    Theme song: I wouldn't mind- (He Is We)

  • Name: Sparrowheart
    Gender: She-cat
    Clan: FogClan

    Appearance: Brown with a black stripe running from her head to tail, white heart on her forehead, greenish-blue eyes

    Personality: Light-spirited and naive, she's like a kit in a warriors body. She's also very caring and will help any cat in need.

    Story: Her mother mananged to bring a time of peace between clans and later became leader of FogClan. Sparrowkit used to brag about this to the other kits, but later learned how snobby she was being. She became Sparrowpaw and her mentor was Onyxice, who would often have to take over Hailpaw's training as well. Sparrowpaw soon grew feelings for Hailpaw, but was unaware he was using her to get closer to the clan leader. At Sparrowpaw's first gathering, she met Squirrelpaw from MapleClan. She began getting very close to him and was too naive he was using her for secrets about FogClan. After they became warriors, Sparrowheart noticed her sister - Fadedbird - and Featherfall - a grey she-cat - grew feelings for each other. Sparrowheart couldn't understand why so she grew distant from her sister. Eventually, Sparrowheart and Hailcrash had a litter of kits; Nutkit and Ashkit. However, Ashkit disappeared a few days before his apprentice ceremony, which made her extra protective of Nutkit. At gatherings, she would often sneak off with Squirrelfern and began growing feelings for him too. Hailcrash knows this and is becoming possessive of her, which means Sparrowheart never has time to be alone.

    That's all I've gotten done so far! She got a score of 73% :D

  • Name:coyote storm
    Age:18 moons
    Personality:strong,and prideful, yet gentle
    Likes:kits,clanmates,his apprentice

    Dislikes:shadow-clan patrols that cross the border/disobeying the code

    Apearrence:coyote-storm is a cream tom with orange-ish stripes and amber eyes his appearance also makes him looks unbeatable in battle although he isnt

    Backstory:he was raised in wind-clan. Born in a storm with his two brothers fish-kit, and bat-kit. While an apprentice he was mentored by hawk-breeze a brown she-cat. When he was a warrior he was given the name coyote-storm by his leader ferret-star. He fought off a badger loosing his brother fish-whisker. When he became deputy he was the age of 16 moons. He is described as wise. He tells stories to young kits,and apprentices. He has his very own apprentice now a she-cat named falcon-paw.

  • name: Sunpaw

    appearance: Brown tabby with sun ray like stripes and golden eyes and a cream colored muzzle.

    Clan: Riverclan

    Story: Sunpaw was born to a she cat named Pebbleleaf in Riverclan but her father left to join Windclan before she was born. she had 3 other siblings and one that died at birth that she never knew about. the medicine cat apprentice got a prophecy from starclan saying, "When the Sun shines brightest the Shadows will fade." at first Berrypaw (The medicine cat apprentice) did not know what this meant but connected two and two and decided the prophecy was about Sunpaw. soon later, Shadowclan took over. there were many battles but eventually Riverclan was forced to retreat and live on the island. Sunpaw, Creampaw, Toadpaw, and Rockpaw went on a mission to restore peace to all clans.

  • Name: snowgoose
    Gender: tom
    Clan: thunderclan
    Rank: senior warrior
    Age: 55 moons

    Personality: politeto clanmates, loyal, rude to loners and trespassers, not a fan of kittypets, patient

    Apperance: a white longhaired bob tailed cat with yellow eyes, the tail looks like a goose's tail

    History of name: as an apprentice he got bitten in the tail by a goose, he doesn't like to talk about it though

    Goose goose
  • Name:ravenkit (called ravenwind when older)
    Gender: female/she-kit
    Age:3 moons
    Rank:kit (future warrior)

    Personality:playful,loud,curios,impulsive,loyal,adventurous,irritable at times

    Likes:playing with other kits,exploring,listening to the elders stories,warm weather

    Dislikes:having nothing to do, no one paying attention to her, rude cats/kits,the cold weather

    Appearance(as an adult and kit): fluffy long haired black,grey and white tabby patched fur with a small dark grey heart shaped splotch on her chest a large fluffy tail a short and sturdy build, claws are a common length,one lilac eye the other a icy blue, light pink inner ears nose and paw pads,sharp fluffy pointed ears

  • Her name is FrostGlare and she is a pure white cat with crystal blue eyes, she was a kitty pet until she joined Wind clan. Her mate is DewStar and her kits are GoldenGlare and GorseFur. Her kitty pet name was Frost(named after my real cat). She is graceful, but she is untrusted by her clan mates. And my score was 94 and I feel good about that.

  • Name: Eclipseshadow
    Gender: She-cat
    Clan: My OC clan "Wildclan"
    Age: 26 moons
    Rank: Warrior

    Personality: She is shy and sometimes and be a bit harsh on younger cats, but once she opens up she is kindhearted and loyal.

    Appearance: She is a black cat with a white splotch over her left eye. She has very pale grey eyes.

    Quote: "Life turns endlessly. If we sit and wait for a moment we lose out time we could be working."

  • name : archeye
    pronunciati on : /ärch eye/
    past names : archpaw, archkit.
    future names : none.
    age : 19 moons
    gender : tom
    sexual orientation : homosexual
    rank : deputy
    allegiance : palmclan (an oc clan.)

    description : leggy sleek black thick furred tom with pale green eyes and six toes on each paw.

  • Name: Mistystorm
    Rank: Warrior
    Clan: SnowClan

    Appearance: Small silver and white tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes, a very fluffy tail and a beautiful face.

    Personality: Funny, loyal, strong, courageous and can be a little sassy or harsh, but still has a kind heart.

    Story: Her mother, Smokewhisker and her father Tigerstripe raised her with her littermates, Hazelkit and Mothkit. As a kit, Mistykit was annoying but nice and energetic. Her first friends were Vinepaw and Ivypaw, both 5 moons older than her. Vinepaw and Ivypaw became Vinefoot and Ivyclaw, while she was still a 6 moons kit. Vinefoot was her mentor, making her so happy. Mistypaw grew close to Hailpaw, and was so sad when Hailpaw died, killed by a Thunderclan cat. When Mistypaw had her warrior ceremony, she was given the name of Mistystorm, as a reminder that she born in a terrible storm and survived it anyways. Mistystorm and Vinefoot became mates, and Ivyclaw and Wolfwind too. Ivyclaw was exiled for no reason, making Mistystorm following her to bring her back home behind Flamestar's back. Ivyclaw had abandoned her, going back to Snowclan and leaving her alone in the wild to live as a rogue. She started to train in the Dark Forest for revenge and learned that they had planned everything, for her to be exiled and never come back. She died sadly and went in the Dark Forest forever with her real family. Mistystorm took the spirit of an innocent kit, Mistykit. She had every single pawstep and words controlled, and when she became Mistypaw again, she fell in love with Rainpaw, who Flamestar's spoiled and selfish daughter, Berrypaw liked too. One night, Rainpaw told them that he liked Mistypaw, making Berrypaw mad. Berrypaw dragged Mistypaw too the waterfall cave, and threw herself in an abyss filled with ledges. Berrypaw lived because Mistypaw's only brother, Hawkpaw, saved her life for his. When Mistypaw went down to help them, Berrypaw killed her, biting her neck. Flamestar didn't do anything to help her, a

  • Name: Snakestalker
    Gender: she-cat

    Appearance: Brown with black legs, jaw and tip of her tail, tan ears and muzzle, and bright green eyes

    Personality: Secretive, keeps to herself, but sweet and caring once you get to know her. She can be snappy at times.

    Story: ok I hope this sums it up. As a kit her mother was killed in front of her, leaving her in grief. She takes it out on her Sister, Swiftpaw. Their brother Bristlepaw has to stop the fights. Snakepaw becomes a warrior named Snakestalker because on her final assessment she catches an adder (Like Ravenpaw). Her littermates get the names Swiftwind and Bristleclaw. As a warrior, she goes to help a family of rouges hunt and fight. Two parents named Dice and Sparky, and their three kits, Streak, Flutter and Claw. As a TunnelClan patrol comes, including Swiftwind and her apprentice, Echopaw. They think Dice and Sparky kidnapped her and Snakestalker was only taking pity on them because they had kits. They kill Dice, Sparky and Flutter. And the patrol forces her to leave Claw and Streak. (Btw ik Claw has an emo name, he came from a roleplay. Actually so did Snakestalker and Swiftwind XD) so as moons pass, Swiftwind and Snakestalker's fights are now physical. And Snakestalker is in a half-clan relationship with a MarshClan cat named Newttail. When she is expecting half-clan kits, TunnelClan exiles her and MarshClan rejects her, she goes to roam the streets of Twolegplace. (Btw there are two other clans. BrookClan and CavernClan) She runs into two rouges named Fox and Slate, and they bring them to their leader. Their leader is Claw, wow who knew. Oh btw forgot to mention, the medicine cat apprentice, Gorsetuft, received a prophecy from StarClan in the prologue. The snakes fangs will be strong enough to defeat the Claws of Blood. Yeah. Anyways this non-canon BloodClan is called The Tribe of Blood. And she has four kits. One dies and she named him Ginger after her mother. The two she-cats she named Fluffle and Myrtle, and t

  • 69% Well made!
    Name: Duskstar
    Gender: Female/She-cat
    Clan: Riverclan :)
    Age: 58 moons (About 4.8 years)

    Personality: Confident,Sure of themselves,Compulsive,Loud,Usually does what she's told

    Likes: Rain, Shiny pebbles she finds in the shallow parts of the lake,Fish

    Dislikes: Small spaces, Lizards, Cold days,Those who don't take her seriously

    Appearance: Duskstar is a small,lithe, Blue-grey she-cat with large, round amber and blue eyes, she has strong back legs, and usually has a very clean pelt, She has darker coloured paws, ears, muzzle, and tailstripes. She has a lighter underbelly, and a somewhat small face.

  • Name:Lightningblaze (star)
    Clan: thunderclan
    Age:45 moons
    Rank history: kit, apprentice, leader, deputy

    Personality: tough, stern, loving of those who he gets along with, no mercy in battle (which is a bit of a problem), extremely loyal, has very strong opinions on everything, even when he has nothing to do with it. He is headstrong and will do things without thinking.

    He loves mice and voles, not really into other food (so basically very fussy), he loves sleep and hates it when he is woken up for dawn patrol.

    Looks like: light grey with white chin, black lines on belly and forehead. Blueish-grey tail and socks. Dark green eyes that if he stares at you it makes your hackles lift in fear and you will faint if you dont have enough will power to stay awake.

    Backstory (brief): mother died giving birth to him, father waited until giving him name. Got his name by being struck by lightning as a kit, he technically died but his mother sent him back despite firestars protests. The dark forest rises, he meets a cat named aurburntail, she is from WindClan. They fight at first but then fall in love. They start seeing each other in secret but then lightningblaze said that he couldnt continue so she joins thunderclan. They have kits named risingkit and fallingkit, the leader of the dark forest (named darkforest, basically the dark forest scaled down and in the shape of a cat) arrives and takes over half the lake. Fallingpaw is captured by them and then is convinced to join them. Risingfire and fallingstripe get their warrior names. Lightningblaze becomes deputy, the dark forest attacks thunderclan and kills whitestar. Lightningblaze becomes lightningstar. Fallingstripe slaughters alongside the dark forest when they attack again. Risingfire and Lightningblaze are both distraught at the thought of fallingstripe betraying them.

    Thunderclan allies with the other clans and attacks the island (where the dark forest is camping) and fallingstripe kills his previously best frie


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