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I am a big fan of Popularmmos. I watch both his and Jen's channels, and I really enjoy their videos. They have really good videos, and you should check them out if you haven't.

Do you know enough to be a true fan? Can you prove that you saw at least one series? Show your friends that you are amazing with your popularmmos knowledge!

Created by: Random101

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  1. What is not something that they say?
  2. What are their ingame names?
  3. What Hunger games map did they not do?
  4. What mob did they do in the Challenge Games?
  5. What is Jen not balling at?
  6. What is Jen's channel?
  7. What is their pet, and what's it's name?
  8. What is not a series on his channel?
  9. Who are the three villagers?
  10. What does Jen say when she sees Bob's Mom?

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