How Well Do You Know PopularMMOs?

Do you know PopularMMOs? Do you know the characters in his videos? Do you know who he plays with? Do you know what series he does on his channel? Are you a true Pat fan? Well, if you want to know, this quiz is for you!

I will be asking a series of questions to test your knowledge on the amazing Pat! I'll tell if you need to watch him more to ace this or if you seem to watch him too much! Good luck my friends!

Created by: thebookcentral

  1. What is PopularMMOs's REAL name? (Not nickname)
  2. Who does he record with? (Except for modshowcases, he does those by himself)
  3. What was the creeper's name? (If you don't get it, press answer six)
  4. What game has he not played with Jen? (You answered who he recorded with already, right?)
  5. What is his favorite mod? (Hint: It's in all of his Epic Proportiond series.)
  6. Which series has he NOT done on his channel?
  7. How often do you watch his channel? (May or may not affect scores)
  8. Let fate decide this answer.
  9. Does he have a tv show ir radio station?
  10. What accounts does he have? (Social media)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know PopularMMOs?