Elliottadventure Quiz- Series 1 & 2

Elliott's adventure has been moderately succesful in it's first two series. By the end of Series 2, the youtube channel has reached 300 subscribers, 100,000 video views in total, and a dedicated fanbase.

So, how well do you think you know Elliott's adventure? If you're a fan, please take this quiz to find out. Beware, though- this quiz is very long and tricky, and watch out for trick questions! I hope I covered questions on all episodes- some questions will be about Issues way back in the early days, so prepare to think all the way back then!

Created by: Elliottadventure of Elliottadventure
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  1. Which episode did the popular catchphrase 'Huzzah' first appear?
  2. What is the name of new Gym Leader of Viridian?
  3. What does P.I.P.E stand for?
  4. Which episode included the debut of the Combusken?
  5. Apart from being a mailman, Melman has had two other jobs. Which one is false?
  6. Who is Jason's father?
  7. Which Pokemon did Elliott's mother 'replace' him with?
  8. Which characters were beaten up so the gang could steal their SS Anne tickets?
  9. Which game character was Tom's Parrelel friends with?
  10. Which one of these places has Joe NOT been to?
  11. Under which name did Elliott go 'Incgonito' as to enter the girls' contest?
  12. How old is Joe? (as of the date of writing, 1/7/09)
  13. Who is the youngest member of the 'Elliottadventure 5'
  14. When Elliott and Dawn were stranded on a desert island, what gaming system washed up on the shore?
  15. Who does everybody hate?
  16. What is the name of Chris's little brother?
  17. After Onion rings, what is Joe's favourite food?
  18. Which US President sometimes appears in Elliottadventure videos?
  19. Which Gym leader fell in love with Elliott?
  20. Which episode has the most Parts?
  21. Are you getting tired of this quiz?
  22. Well tough luck, theres 26 more questions!
  23. What was Elliottadventure's short-lived hack called?
  24. In the Tag-Team battle competetion, who was Jason paired with?
  25. Which character has a very forgetable name?
  26. Who is Elliottadventure's resident comedian?
  27. Who are the Wright Brothers?
  28. After the gang flooded the pokecentre, what punishment did they recieve?
  29. What colour is the editor's pencil?
  30. Why did Joe run away?
  31. What is your age?
  32. What is your gender?
  33. As toddlers, what pokemon toy did Joe and Elliott fight over?
  34. What song did Jason sing to Elliott to cheer him up?
  35. In which episode did Team Rocket debut?
  36. What is the name of the spy who worked for Team Rocket in Issue 4?
  37. Which episode was the first easter special?
  38. What product did Elliott and Dawn advertise in the Issue entitled 'Ben and the Beedrill'?
  39. Where did Elliott encounter a family of Snorlax and Munchlax?
  40. Who helped Elliott defeat Death in the Halloween special?
  41. Who is King Jeremy's wife?
  42. HUZZAH! It's-
  43. What does Chris drink early in the morning?
  44. What did Chris eat in Issue 16?
  45. What device did Joe use on his 16th Birthday to generate a party?
  46. When was Elliott's adventure created?
  47. Which game character has NOT appeared in the Series?
  48. Thank you for taking this quiz! Last question of all.... how many fingers am I holding up?

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