How much do you know about "Warriors-The Betrayal" series?

There are many people who know very little about the series, but very few who know almost everything about the series. Do you have what it takes to became a Pro of these series?

Are YOU a Pro of this series? Have you ever wondered so? Until now you could only wonder if you are the ultimate Pro of these series. But thanks to this brand new quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! And best of all, one of the authers of series made this quiz! =D

Created by: amazon

  1. Who's point of view do you see through for the first book?
  2. Who's Mousetail's first mate?
  3. Who lost her memory?
  4. Who is Mousetai's second mate?
  5. Who is Mousetail's third, and secret, mate?
  6. True or False, Starshine lost her kits and Mousetail gave her all three of her litters.
  7. Who are the Starclan cats that show up in the first book in the Prologue?
  8. Crystaleye says who his true parents are at the Gathering of the Four Clans, but who are they?
  9. Who are the cats that die in the 5th book from Greencough?
  10. Who is Scourge's niece?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about "Warriors-The Betrayal" series?