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In the world there are about 5 billion people reading series by series at a time. But what I'm talking about is My favorite series of all The Clique Series!

If you love the Clique Series like i do you will love this quiz. This quiz is testing your intelligence on the series. It is a great quiz and it just makes me feel smart

Created by: cait
  1. Why in the book "The Clique" does massie not let Clarie borrow her shoes?
  2. Why does Alicia get Kicked out of the clique in Revenge of the Wannabes
  3. How come Kristin is wearing a shark tooth necklace on the first day of 8th grade in the book "Bratfeast at Tiffany's?
  4. why did Dylan get her hair straightened over the summer in Bratfeast at Tiffany's?
  5. Why was Claire so upset all the time in Sealed with a Diss?
  6. How did Massie know Alicia Cheated in the book Best Friends for Never?
  7. Why did Dylan think she was fat in all of the books?
  8. Why did Kristin Get a Job During Revenge of the Wannabes and no one else did
  9. Why did Alicia get kicked out of the PC again IN Bratfeast At Tiffany's?
  10. why Was Kristin Mad at Massie in The Book Revenge of the Wannabes?
  11. How did Claire get in Massie's Room In the Book The Clique?

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