Which shaun the sheep movie character are you?

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The shaun the sheep movie came out recently and fans of the young sheep have been filling screens to see him in his epic big screen debut (some in epic 3d) and some people have wanted to join his flock.

Do ewe have what it takes to join shaun the sheep's flock? Do ewe want to join Shaun's adventures? Well now's ewer chance with this "which character are you?" Quiz. Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: Conor hall
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  1. An angry mob of animal catchers comes. What would you do?
  2. What is your favourite song?
  3. You end up in a pen in the animal containment centre! What would you do?
  4. How would you say you?
  5. How would you say shaun the sheep the movie?
  6. Do you watch shaun the sheep on tv?
  7. Did you see shaun the sheep the movie in the cinema?
  8. Do you read the shaun the sheep books?
  9. Who do you prefer sheep, pigs or chickens?
  10. Do you think there will be a sequel to the movie?
  11. Who is your favourite shaun the sheep character?

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Quiz topic: Which shaun the sheep movie character am I?