Knowledge of ATL: the movie

ATL was a fabulous production loosely based on the lives of hit songwriter/producer Dallas Austin and former TLC groupmate, Tionne "T Boz" Watkins. The movie stars some new people to the screen as well as some old cats and is music vidoe director, Chris Robinson's first feature film.

I fell in love with this movie the moment I saw it and watch it almost religiously. Now it's your turn to see how much you know about the movie ATL!!!! Good Luck

Created by: Janee'
  1. What is the name of T.I's character?
  2. What was New New's real name?
  3. What was Rashad's locker number?
  4. What was the number one rule of skating?
  5. What kind of milk did Ant spill?
  6. What was Rashad's nickname for Ant?
  7. What was the name of Rashad's ex-girlfriend?
  8. Who were Rashad's best friends?
  9. What did one of the twins tell her sister after she told her to *69 her phone?
  10. What is Rashad and New New's "song"?
  11. What size rims were on Big Boi character's truck?
  12. What did New New say about Rashad's skating?
  13. Who was the DJ at Cascade's
  14. What song is playing while Rashad and New New are dancing at Big Booty Judy's Party?
  15. What kind of cereal does Rashad pour in the beginning of the movie to find that it's all gone?

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