How Well Do You Know The TCM Movies?

There are many Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie fans and buffs, but few of them know the up close and personal details about the movie and it's contents. This quiz is for all ages, from both 2003 and the 2006 movie.

So test your knowledge and see if you're a TRUE Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan, and if you're not then Sheriff Hoyt and Tommy will be paying you a visit for sure. Take the quiz, I promise you'll love it.

Created by: Jessica & Jonathan
  1. In the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, what type of van does Kemper drive?
  2. In the 2006 TCM, what is Sheriff Hoyt's actually name?
  3. True or False: They used the same meat company in both TCM movies.
  4. True or False: In the 2003 TCM, Pepper was a hitch hicker when Kemper and his gang picked her up in El Paso, Texas.
  5. In the 2003 TCM, what time was it on the clock in the Hewitt house when the chimes rang.
  6. In the 2003 TCM, what was ONE thing that the 5 main character all had on.
  7. In the 2006 TCM, Matthew, who plays Eric gets his face wrapped in plastic. On the set, what motion did he use to let the crew know that he was suffacating.
  8. TOTAL, how many people did LEATHERFACE kill in both movies with a CHAINSAW
  9. In the 2003 movie, where were the 5 kids going?
  10. How many people did Thomas Hewitt killed "from 1969 to 1973?"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The TCM Movies?