the devil wears prada quiz

we have all seen many movie, and many of them take our imaginations far away for two hours. one movie that took my imagination to a place far away was the devil wears prada.

for all those people out there who watched this devilish comedy, here is a simple quiz that was created to test your knowledge and see if you really did pay attention. have fun!

Created by: andrea
  1. who is the editor-in-chief of the magazine?
  2. what's is the name of the magazine that Andy works for?
  3. what is the name of andy's boyfriend?
  4. what job did andy really want to pursue?
  5. what important occasion does andy miss?
  6. by what name does andy's boss call her?
  7. who is the designer that takes an interest in andy?
  8. to what place does andy get to travel to with her boss?
  9. what designer does andy wear to work after her transofrmation?
  10. what hard task does her boss ask of her?
  11. what happens when andy spends time with her father at a restaurant?
  12. what does andy give lily?
  13. what happens to andy in paris?
  14. how many kids dows her boss have?
  15. what is her boss's favorite phrase?
  16. who plays "andy" in this movie?
  17. for how long does andy work for the magazine?
  18. complete the phrase. "out of all the assistants I had, you are my biggest__".
  19. in the end of the movie, what happened when her boss called?
  20. what kind of phone did andy have in the movie?
  21. who was the 1st assistant?
  22. was andy fired or did she quit?
  23. what job did andy apply for?

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