are you an angel or a devil?

Hello! You must be awfully bored to have stumbled to my quiz. This quiz is to help you find out if you are an angel (who always listens to others, doesn't steal...etc.) or a devil (tortures animals, steps on siblings... etc.).

But there's one thing I have to say, no cheating (that means: no putting in fake answers... etc.)! If you want the truthful answers from this quiz, you must answer truthfully! I hope you will really find out what your inner-self really is. Good luck! =D

Created by: spammmm =D
  1. When you have homework to complete, what will you do?
  2. How often will you get into trouble (sent to principal's/bosses office, police station, scolded by teachers... etc.)?
  3. Do you sneak on the computer when your parents say you must not play/ use the computer?
  4. Do you torture your siblings (pull their hair, step on them, pinch them... etc.)? If yes, how often?
  5. Do you quarrel with your parents often?
  6. Do you enjoy abusing animals?
  7. Do you bully in your school?
  8. What type of shows do you enjoy watching on TV/Youtube/whatever stuff that can stream videos/shows... etc.?
  9. Do you call people "stupid", "ret*rd", "s***", etc.?
  10. Do you buy stuff when your parents have said no/don't know about it?
  11. When you are angry with something/someone, what will you do?
  12. If a friend who is really, really fat asks you how fat is she/him, what will you say?
  13. How often do you lie?
  14. If you see an old lady fall down on the middle of the street, what will you do?
  15. When you know you are going to lose in a game, what will you do?
  16. Did you answer these questions truthfully?
  17. Do you think you are going to be an angel or a devil?

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Quiz topic: Am I an angel or a devil?