Are You A Flaming Devil or a Flying Angel?

There is alot of people who wants to go to heaven and least people who wants to go to hell. To get to heaven, you should be good. but avoid being bad like some people are in this year!

Are YOU a devil or a angel? Should you make a good choice or a bad choice? what kind of person do you want to be? A GOOD ONE! thats the answer you should get. or you can choose being a bad one. well depends what you want to be.

Created by: =P
  1. If you found some money on the ground, what should you do?
  2. People are complaining that you did something bad. should you tell a lie to the judge or tell the truth?
  3. After you planted your flowers, somebody just came in your yard and destroyed them. what should you do?
  4. Somebody burnt you and your almost completely dead. what should you do?
  5. When you got out of the grocery store, somebody pasted by you and snatched the bag from you. what should you do?
  6. When You Made a new recorded a new Music Beat, Somebody remixed it to hurt your feelings. should you do a bad choice or a good choice?
  7. When you picked an item you needed and was about to place it on the cart, a lady snatched it out of your hands and put it in her cart! what to do?
  8. Your Almost done with this quiz. when you left your house some guy messed it up. what to do?
  9. When your new painting was featured on the museum, somebody broke it on purpose! what should you do?
  10. Final Question! When you left your favorite toy outside, a lady took it! what should you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Flaming Devil or a Flying Angel?