How would you break some-one's heart?

Some people are kind to there ex GF/BF and will break up with them kindly. As for others they are unkind and can easily hurt their ex GF/BF and get the joy out of it! What are you?

Would you brake up kindly or be hell for the last few days of your time spent together.Some people are angels and still love them even after they are gone. Are you a angel or a devil to your ex? FIND OUT HERE!

Created by: Lime berry
  1. How would you tell your BF/GF you were breaking up with them?
  2. Where would you tell your BF/GF you were breaking up with him/her?
  3. What would you do before you broke up with your BF/GF?
  4. Would you get your BF/GF a present after breaking up to say sorry?
  5. If you could make a candy heart for your ex BF/GF what would it say?
  6. Why would you break up with your BF/GF?
  7. What would be the best day to break up with them?
  8. If you were your BF/GF how would you react to your BF/GF breaking up with you?
  9. What would you change to the week before breaking up with your BF/GF?
  10. Last question: Would you do a week after breaking up with your BF/GF?

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