What type of realationship do you have

There are a lot of relationships out their, but are they real take this quiz and find out, and if you fail dont blame the quiz, cuz your relationship is based on the two in it.

take this quiz with warning. Side affects r.... Heart Break. Murder. Running Tears of Pain. and Nothing. So once its done let it be unless its meaningful to you and if it is, things have already started to change.

Created by: Wayne Lawson
  1. Does it hurt when he or she aint around.
  2. do you have fun with this person
  3. Is love in the air
  4. do u cry when there crying just cuz.
  5. Would your other stick bye you, if u were homeless and broke.
  6. do they know u
  7. could things be better
  8. do the other know your birthdayy
  9. which animal does your other remind you of
  10. why r u together

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Quiz topic: What type of realationship do I have