How Charming Are You?

Some people have no charm and you can see it in almost the first date. Test your charm skill and see if your relationship is going to go all the way!! Be completely honest so I can give you some descriptive advice.

If you are dying to figure this out then take this marvelous quiz and you will find out how charming you are in a matter of minutes!! Whatever you do don't take this quiz in front of your mate! Thanks and enjoy.

Created by: Shelby
  1. When you see your boyfriend/girlfriend in the hallway you...
  2. While you are at the movies with your boyfriend/girlfriend you...
  3. For Valentine's Day you get your valentine a...
  4. You have to pick the perfect place to have the perfect date, you decide to go...
  5. Its your special anniversary coming up and you want to get your boyfriend/girlfriend something very special, you buy...
  6. How long have you been together?
  7. Do you think you guys look cute together?
  8. Is this relationship serious?
  9. Do you think this quiz will really work?
  10. Do YOU think your charming?

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Quiz topic: How Charming am I?