The Personality Quiz

You may be a jock on the outside, but is your inside a hopeless romantic? Maybe your discovering the cure for HIV, but you wish you could go to parties with the cool kids? What's your TRUE personality?!

So are you charming, or brainy? Quiet, or ditzy? Sporty or scene? A hippie, or just a plain ole' kid? Take this quiz and find out what you've been hiding all this time.

Created by: Dan
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  1. Your sitting in the local coffee shop when you see a group of drunk high schoolers make a loud entrance. What do you do?
  2. Your staying with your family in a super hip hotel. What do you hit first?
  3. Your at the diner with a couple of friends. What do you order?
  4. Your iPod is full of...
  5. Your taking this quiz because...
  6. This quiz was...
  7. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  8. What's Your Hobby?
  9. What's Your Favourite Colour?
  10. Poop.

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