Did I hurt them in the breakup?

Have you ever broken up with someone? If so, then you know how painful it can be for the both of you. But what if you don't know if YOU hurt THEM? Not knowing really hurts.

Your ex might still be in emotional agony. Secretly crying themselves to sleep at night. You don't love them, but you WOULD feel bad if you did break their heart. Find out if you did.

Created by: Hannah Stevenson

  1. How long were you seeing eachother?
  2. How did you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  3. Did you ever marry?
  4. Did you consider them physically attractive?
  5. Did you love them, but still decide to breakup with them for another reason?
  6. Why did you break up with them?
  7. Did breaking up with them make you cry more than once?
  8. Are you now just friends?
  9. Have you seen eachother lately?
  10. How many times did you date them?
  11. Last question. Did you both agree to breakup?

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