Who will you marry from co op?

What guy are you meant to be with? It could be RC, the fun guy who likes science. Or CJ, the one who covers up his emotion with jokes and is secretly sensitive. Maybe even Antwon!

Or could it be Dylan, the one who has it hard and is looking for love? Perhaps Kay, the attractive but shallow guy! Isiah's looking for love as well. You could be the girl for him!

Created by: Essie
  1. How many dates before woohooing?
  2. What's your ideal first date?
  3. What's the most important trait in a soul mate?
  4. What is your favorite physical activity?
  5. What's your favorite drink?
  6. How many kids do you want?
  7. What adjective would people describe you as?
  8. Which Disney prince is your favorite?
  9. Which Starbucks drink is the best?
  10. What PLL guy is your favorite?
  11. What career track sounds the most appealing?
  12. What sounds like the perfect vacation?

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Quiz topic: Who will I marry from co op?