How Into This Guy Are You?

A crush is a crush, simple puppy love, sparks that come and goes. Love is something different, something you treasure for a very long time, something your willing to have your heart broken for, even if you know he's bad news for you.

Are you willing to let this male break your heart? Or is it just simple wishing, you think you feel a spark? Does it die for a couple of days, then when you see him it comes alive again? Do you really care about him? Or do you just want to keep him away fro the other girls as a challenge? Try answering the quiz & find out what you really think.

Created by: lorie
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  1. You know he's been talking to another girl on the phone a lot, what do you do?
  2. He comes into the room & some girls make a quick move towards him, how do you react?
  3. He calls you on his cellphone and said his car broke down, and it's 2 in the morning. What do you do?
  4. Next day he comes into school, & his hair is absolutely horrid. The hallways are buzzing with gossip, do you turn away?
  5. This is a heavy date. You've just spent hours and a load of money fixing your hair. The first thing he does, is muss it up. Do you pitch a fit about it?
  6. He finds you crying in a corner of the school yard. Do you ..
  7. When you sleep at night, what do you think of just before you drift of to sleep?
  8. When he smiles at you ..
  9. He mentioned he'd like this really expensive guitar for his birthday. What do you get for his birthday present?
  10. Last night he confronts you with suspicions that you've been cheating on him with another guy? You reply the next morning ..
  11. Do you think he's your one & only? The one you're suppose to be with all your life?
  12. If he told you he wanted to end the relationship, you would .. ?

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Quiz topic: How Into This Guy am I?