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There are many people who claim to be Buffy and Angel fans, but few actually understand the nature of true fandom. A true fan knows more than just the basic storyline and the names of all the characters. The knowledge of a true fan goes a bit deeper, into the real "soul" of the show (pun intended!), where even the smallest details have their place.

So, are YOU a true Angel fan? Do you think you have the knowledge to earn the title of Completely and Utterly Obsessed Angel Fan? Are you worthy to wear the crown? In just a few minutes you'll finally know the answer. So tell me...are you game?

Created by: Chandy of The Angel Fan Space
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  1. What is Angel's real name?
  2. When he was human, Angel lived in what town, country?
  3. Angel's family had one servant. Her name was?
  4. Darla turned Angel in 1753. How old was Angel that year?
  5. Darla named her new fledgling Angelus, the latin word for "angel". However, he was not always referred to by name. He was often described as a demon with the ____ of an angel.
  6. Who was Angelus's first victim after rising from the grave?
  7. During his reign as Angelus, how many vampires did Angel sire (that we know of)?
  8. Before Angelus was ensouled, what trademark act did he perform on many of his victims?
  9. An image from the Book of Kells, the tattoo on Angel's back is a depiction of what?
  10. Which apostle does this symbol represent?
  11. In what country does Angel have his confrontation with the gypsy clan?
  12. After having his soul returned, Angel follows Darla to Asia. What does she tell him to do in order to prove to her that he's still Angelus?
  13. Throughout the show (Angel), which language do we never hear Angel speak?
  14. Where does Angel first meet Buffy?
  15. When does Angel first tell Buffy that he loves her (During what episode?)
  16. After losing his soul a second time, who is Angelus's first victim in Sunnydale?
  17. When Angelus returns what demon does he first encounter(besides Spike and Dru)?
  18. In the last scene of the Buffy episode "Becoming" Buffy is forced to kill Angel. What other event in Angel's life does this scene mirror?
  19. On graduation day, Angel leaves Sunnydale to go to L.A. What does he say to Buffy before he walks away?
  20. Once Angel moves to L.A., where is the first place we see him again?
  21. In the episode "In the Dark", Spike hires another vampire to torture Angel. This vampire asks Angel repeatedly what he "wants". Which of the following does Angel NOT offer as a response?
  22. When Buffy comes to L.A. to visit Angel, he miraculously becomes human. What is the first thing Angel eats once he returns to the office?
  23. What is Buffy and Angel's favorite ice cream flavor?
  24. What is Doyle's first name?
  25. In what episode does Angel first refer to himself as "Angelus"? (when not reverted to his evil counterpart)
  26. When Angel reverts to Angelus a third time, he has been drugged by a rather ambitious actress. What does she slip into his glass of champagne?
  27. Who (personally) is responsible for Darla's return?
  28. What is Angel's favorite song?
  29. Lorne likes to make up nicknames for many of his friends. He once referred to Angel as a big hunk of what?
  30. In the episode "The Shroud of Ramon" Angel bites Kate to save her life. Before this, who was the last living person Angel fed from?
  31. When Angel sleeps with Darla, the reason he gives her for his behavior is that "I just want to feel something besides the _____."
  32. Eight and a half months later Darla arrives back in L.A., pregnant with Angel's child. What does she do when she sees him?
  33. Where does Angel first realize their baby has a heartbeat/soul?
  34. In the episode "Birthday", Cordelia encounters Wesely and Gunn battling a demon in Resida. This event was foretold in what previous episode?
  35. After discovering a startling prophecy, Wesley decides to take Angel's son, Connor. Who was responsible for re-writing this prophecy and, thus, the kidnapping of Angel's child?
  36. After Angel's son is stolen by Holtz, how does Angel try to take his revenge on Wesely?
  37. After Connor returns from the Hell dimension, Holtz is murdered. Connor believes Angel to be the culprit, but who actually kills Holtz?
  38. After many weeks locked in his box under the ocean, Angel begins to hallucinate. Which of the following does he NOT see in his visions?
  39. During the fifth season Spike returns to the show. He and Angel are often seen fighting but are said to have argued about this topic for forty minutes straight:
  40. Throughout the Buffy and Angel series, how many times (total) did Angel revert to his evil counterpart, Angelus?

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