Do you know your random trivia?

Are you random? are you the queen or king at trivial pursuit? or the teachers pet? did you know the smartness of the child depends on how smart the mother is? so if you are a geek and are still connected to your parents because you have no friends (or maybe a few) then if you score high here, you now have proof to say that you are'nt that weird.

However randomness means having certain qualities! do you watch the news? do your homework? surf the internt continuously? enjoy reading random magazines? if you do you just migh score well here! YAY! GO RANDOMNESS!

Created by: Crystal

  1. What character cries continusously in Alice in Wonderland?
  2. A glass squid looks like
  3. In the last episode of the CSI season that just recently ended ( before summer 2007) Grissom feels like marco polo because
  4. Only female cats can have
  5. originally golf stood for
  6. in the epilouge of harry potter and the deathly hallows, what are ron and hermiones kids names?
  7. Pices means
  8. the first neon lights were brough to the us in/on
  9. the most watched youtube video of all time is
  10. what year is armeggedon predicted to happen accrding to most historical prohecies?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my random trivia?