The Official FGP-SAT Exam

Though FGP has several fans... there are only a select few who can master this quiz. These few elites are the truly devoted FG-Maniacs! If for some reason you have no idea what FGP is, check us out at [no urls]

Are you an FGP Fanatic?! Prove it! Take this quiz and see if you have what it takes to pass! test your knowledge of FGP Trivia, and prove to yourself if no one else that the hours you've wasted watching FGP videos were not a complete waste of time!

Created by: Gabriel

  1. What does Professor Roger Knavel slip on whilst scavenging?
  2. Thus far in the Hank Gabowski series, FGP member Tyler Alford has played how many roles?
  3. What is Alfred Smithinferson's gamer alias?
  4. What object does Paco, (W. Dave's assistant), use to ward off the evil African Bushman?
  5. What is the name of Pat Lancaster's flamboyant roommate?
  6. What was Jim Palpermann's high-school wrestling name?
  7. What year did Jim Palpermann graduate high-school?
  8. According to Jesse Isabell's character in The Many Ploys of Mr. Table, what is it that humans do to tables?
  9. What was FGP's original name?
  10. In "I can hear... things?", what song do the two boys, having just murdered the third boy, dance to?
  11. What date was FGP recognized for their success with a full page article in the Medford Mail Tribune?
  12. What are the names of Zomb Inc. proprietors?
  13. How many swords did Grandpa pull from his jacket?

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