Kael'Thas the Sunstrider Exam

This exam is to test your knowledge of the Kael'Thas fight! Oh dear god this must be a certain length is it over yet i will hit submit and it better meet the limit! IT EVEN TELLS ME THAT I CANT MENTION IT WTF DIE QUIZ! (LOOKS LIKE THE FIRST TWO QUESTIONS ARE MANDATORY BY THIS SITE JUST IGNORE OR WHATEVER)

And this stupid site is getting really annoying with all these fields i need to enter! omg here also it is really stupid i hope u can win the quiz so we will win the fight ok this should be enough

Created by: Nakazato
  1. How many phases are there in the Kael'Thas fight?
  2. Which of the following does not belong?
  3. Which of the following items is used to cancel the Mind Control effect?
  4. How much damage does the Shock Barrier absorb?
  5. Kael'Thas has allied himself with _________ in order to gain more power and save his people.
  6. What is the proper technique for defeating Thaladred the Darkener?
  7. How long do you have before Phase 3 begins after the start of Phase 2?
  8. During Gravity Lapse...
  9. When Kael'Thas dies...
  10. Who will be top DPS for the fight?
  11. BONUS QUESTION!!!! Did you actually study for this fight?

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