RPD Enrollment Exam

So you have been cordially invited by a member of the Red Panda Dominion to join our select few club. This exam was created to test your worthiness to the Red Panda Dominion through sharpwittedness and instinct-handiness.

We wish you to luck, tiny traveler, on the Red Panda Dominion Exam and we hope to see you soon in our club--only if you can keep up to us. Choice few, as you know, can join, but will you be one of them? Continue on...

Created by: The Red Panda Chief
  1. What is the first letter of the creator of the Red Panda Dominion's (Dom.) username?
  2. True or false: the Red Panda Dom. is about saving red pandas.
  3. True or false: the Red Panda Dom. is partially about Zetapets.
  4. What is the Red Panda Dom. mascot's name?
  5. For every question below, just choose your first instinct for an answer. Choose your instinctive answer:
  6. Choose your instinctive answer:
  7. Choose your instinctive answer:
  8. Choose your instinctive answer:
  9. List in alphanumerical order:
  10. What's a passing grade for this exam?

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