U.S. History 2nd Semester

How ready are you for the 8th grade FINAL exam? The pressure is on, These tests could very well make or break your future. Well, maybe not (if you are planning to work at McDonalds, JK) So my quiz will help you Ace your history test so you won't have to worry about such a future

Are YOU ready? Do you have what it takes to ace the History exam? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to my totally sweet quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: K8E
  1. What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
  2. What was Habeas Corpus?
  3. What is the correct definition of the word "draft" during this time in history.
  4. What is Income tax?
  5. Axis: blank blank blank military alliance of Germany, Italy, Japan, and 6 other nations. (fill in the blanks)
  6. The AFL (American Federation of Labor)was the organization of trade unions that represented skilled workers
  7. What is the Ku Klux Klan?
  8. NAACP (National Association for the Advancment of Colored People) is an organization founded in 1909 to work toward the equal rights for African Americans
  9. Who or What is Lynch?
  10. What's inflation?
  11. Black Tuesday is...
  12. Progressive is an insurance company started During the Great depression to help those in Hooverville
  13. What's a Trustbuster?
  14. D-Day is
  15. The sweatshop was
  16. What's a Pacifest?
  17. Holocaust is
  18. Alliance is a/an
  19. What's a concentration camp?
  20. A Nazi is
  21. Impeach is an embargo on peaches and other fruits because they were imported from Mexico who rebelled in WW1
  22. Transcontintinental railroad is a railroad that strtches across a contnet from coast to coast
  23. the Dust Bowl is
  24. Flapper(s) is/ are
  25. a Patent is license for a new invention
  26. The Bull Moose Party is
  27. Isolationist is
  28. Reservation
  29. Gauge is the length of a train track
  30. in the phrase "Stock Market" stock means
  31. Monoply is
  32. All is true EXCEPT
  33. Armistice is
  34. Blitzkrieg is
  35. All are true EXCEPT
  36. How are you going to thank Katie for making this quiz?

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